Discover how Juanita Khumalo’s wellness journey led to a career in fitness.

Fitness and holistic wellness advocate Juanita K Khumalo has built a global community of followers through advocating a balanced lifestyle. One that has expanded into a fully fledged business as well as a TV gig.

She shares that her journey to this career began online when she started sharing her own approach to wellness. 

“People saw value in the content that I was putting out, and as a result of that my social media following grew,” shares the entrepreneur, and health & wellness coach.

This led to Trove Wellness, started with the idea of providing a one-stop-shop to share health and fitness resources with her growing community. Understanding the importance of holistic balance, Juanita’s platform also gives access to physical trainers, dieticians, biokineticists, and psychologists.

“I realised through my own journey that being physically fit is not enough. You need to be fit mentally, spiritually and emotionally. That’s how you will be able to achieve that point where you are literally living up to your best version every single day.”

Key things that helped Juanita kick start her fitness journey in 2018 was decreasing the amount of sugar, fried food and takeaways that she consumed. She also started getting more active. 

“Thirsty minutes of exercise is all you really need. Small changes like taking the stairs instead of the escalator, taking a walk, or walking your dog are all game changers. When the goal seems too big, it almost feels impossible to achieve, that’s why I always recommend one day at a time. Remember, your own pace, your own race, and you will build and get stronger gradually,” encourages the wellness enthusiast.     

Juanita reveals that working out has saved her life by giving her a sense of purpose and something to look forward to every day.

“When I was not in the best mental space 2-3 years back when I started, I relied on exercise. Exercise was my therapy. This is mainly because of the healthier and more active lifestyle that I adopted.” 

What an exciting time it is for Juanita K Khumalo who’s not only managed to reinvent herself but is taking South Africa along on this journey to living better! There really is no doubt to the overall health and stress relieving properties of being active. Nor its ability to improve your mood, particularly when finding the right activity for you.