The Insider SA discovers a new luxury sleepwear range LalaLand Luxury by businesswoman, actor and producer Lala Tuku.

Lala Tuku is a successful actress and producer that has just launched her first range of colourful sleepwear under the brand of LalaLand Luxury. She’s also recently celebrated her 40th birthday with a photoshoot to mark the milestone, and The Insider SA got the opportunity to capture the moment with her. 

Founder of LalaLand Luxury, Lala Tuku. (PHOTO: Mlu Photography)

With her demanding schedule and career, Lala often struggles to sleep, which is exactly what led her to develop her sleepwear range.

“My ambition, for the most part, has been at the expense of my self care. Over the years my stress levels reached such a great height that it turned into continual restlessness and eventually reached insomnia. By which stage I had physically, mentally and emotionally reached my end. I was forced to slow down, and it was at the end of this road that I realised the importance of self care, self love and that you can not give from an empty cup,” reveals Lala. 

Lala shares that the premise behind LalaLand Luxury is based on rest being the cornerstone of self care, and what better way to rest than to rest in luxury. 

The plan is to expand into bedding, linen, scents, and anything that induces rest; it is afterall, all about a luxurious sleep experience. 

The colours are bold and the prints African inspired, but the most important thing is that “when you wear LalaLand pajamas, you feel important,” adds Lala. 

Through all the successful ventures that keep this remarkable woman on her toes, it’s a perfect fit that Lala has developed the perfect gear to relax and unwind.