TV’s Zulu brothers Mondli Makhoba, Swelihle Luthuli and Kwenzo Ngcobo discovering the warm heart of the KZN South Coast.

Arriving at the KZN South Coast in mid-Winter, you could be on the set of a movie. Though for three stars who play brothers in a local telenovela, drama was something they were happy to leave on-set for a weekend of exploring these wonders. Of the trio, Mondli Makhoba, Swelihle Luthuli and Kwenzo Ngcobo, Kwenzo knows the hood best.

Kwensokuhle studied on the South Coast. He fondly recalls growing up in Durban and where his passion for TV started. 

“Growing up I loved watching movies. My dad would bring home VHS cassettes. We would watch Steven Segal and van Damme movies and pretend to be like them,” relays the actor.  

Kwenzo plays the role of Qhawe Zulu on The Wife.

As for Mondli, who plays the role of Nkosana Zulu, he started acting at school but didn’t take it seriously at all – thinking it couldn’t be a career. 

“Until there was no money at home to further my studies as there happened to be a choir that I was singing with. One day some guy came looking for someone to play uShaka in a show called uShaka Inauguration in 1999,” shares Mondli. 

Swelihle plays the role of Ntsika Zulu and shares his journey to acting. “I started Electrical Engineering before entering the film industry. At the time I was working at a restaurant and got into film by just trying my luck.”

The trio have a busy schedule shooting so welcomed the time out to reset and unwind in Durban’s South Coast. 

Mondli and Kwenzo’s adventurous spirit had them kick off with a gorge swing. Standing at the top of the Lehr’s waterfall, one leaps off the edge and dives into the depths of this 165 meter gorge.  

Easier said than done. This involves diving off a waterfall, plummeting fifty five storeys down while accelerating to a hundred and twenty kilometres an hour in 2.5 seconds.

It was touch and go at first but they embraced the view, braved the free-fall and experienced a glorious high from the adrenaline.  

If a slower pace is more your speed then you’d be happy to hear Vanessa Gounden, Trade Relations Manager for South Coast Durban, let us in on it being the right place for that too. 


The KZN South Coast is a 45 min drive from Durban, and boasts beautiful spots to enjoy horse rides, you can soak up the Winter sun on their blue flag beaches and there’s lovely locations to enjoy great views of the landscape while curled up with a good book and a fireplace. 

As far as weekend getaways that work for all… There’s something for everyone.

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