Designer Erhardt Nieuwoudt of KIM H Nieu shows us a true work of time in a spectacular home.

We pay a visit to an exquisite home in Johannesburg that features an impressive collection of art and interior design by Kim H Nieu.

“The main focus of this project was art, from sculptures to beautiful bright paintings, and it was a fun one for us,” says Ehrardt Nieuwoudt, Owner of Kim H. Nieu Interior Design.

From the moment you enter the residence you’re greeted by bold and colourful creative works. First and foremost a beautiful Lionel Smit head that greets you at the front door. 

Walk down the entrance staircase and you find yourself in the formal lounge which houses the steel ‘Ephemeral’ work of Regardt van der Meulen. This eclectic space, with imported Italian furniture and rich velvet textures, is where the story of the owner’s journey with their art collection begins. 

“I absolutely believe in using texture in every space,” says Ehrardt. “It’s a key factor in bringing an eclectic space together and really making it come to life.”

We next visit the owner’s workspace and personal study, where we see a continuation of how the art is a source of inspiration for her. 

“The aim was to have a space that reflected their personality, and was interesting while being calming and productive at the same time.” 

The room boasts a stunning Italian desk that’s framed by a Norman Catherine tapestry and offset by bold colours, Paul Smith inspired stripes and an Asian inspired cabinet that’s painted in fuschia pink.

The house is designed to be stylish as well as functional for work and relaxation, with careful consideration given to the importance of family time.

The experience in the heart of the home and main family living space is enhanced with dark charcoal walls that disappear into the background to allow the artwork and choice accessories to shine. Stone coloured cabinets and sandstone cladding fuse effortlessly with the charcoal space and lighting fixtures, like an industrial-looking pendant light that was chosen to add personality without obscuring the artwork. 

The family gathering space intentionally doesn’t have a TV to facilitate quality time together. It houses a conversation pit of sorts, that’s closed off on both sides but has a clever sofa design with swivel-like cushions that can be adjusted to invite the rest of the living area in when the need arises. The room also boasts striking three-dimensional artwork of the Rolling Stones that transforms from an album visual to a photo of the lead singer when you move past it. 

The attention to detail of the Kim H.Nieu team was not confined to inside the home. The landscaping of the garden and the careful placing of the statues extends the design thread throughout the property.

The calming, beautiful, familiar space that engulfs the outside area includes a selection of cycad trees, and muted tones of olive green, white and natural timbers that beautifully blend together. Custom pieces include Italian furniture, and a locally designed sculptural light piece above the dining table finishes it off masterfully. 

You’re greeted by a beautiful wall and art, and then suddenly you’re in the dressing room and the bathroom side with the bed end of the room. This is a bedroom where you can open and close your eyes to a spectacular view and private balcony that has an African-inspired feel. 

The guest bedrooms are just as exquisitely furnished with textured walls, custom headboards and dynamic artworks and are incredibly comfortable to be in. 

“It’s absolutely possible to create an eclectic and beautiful space without having to spend a fortune. The important thing about an eclectic-look is that it is a mix and match of different styles and elements that come together to create something that works without necessarily speaking to the same style,” comments the interior designer.

“Start off with a neutral base  to tie it all together, a common theme if you will, and fill it with pieces that mean something to you. I think it’s key to make sure that what you put in your home is something that you actually like, has a bit of a story and is something that you enjoy surrounding yourself with. Don’t overthink putting it together, it will all come together if you keep that in mind,” he encourages.    

Curating the perfect space takes patience to collect pieces that are individual, but also work together to tell a story about who you are. Over time, with careful planning and investment, a house can turn into a distinctly personal home like this one.