From becoming a body positive influencer to starting her own clothing line, Lesego Legobane a.k.a. Thick Leeyonce has achieved so much in her life by simply being herself.

When it came to the camera, Lesego was always behind the lens.

“I’ve always known that I wanted to become a photographer, that has always been my destiny and my calling.”

Blessed with a family that was supportive of her dreams, Lesego received her first camera when she was 16 years-old and that was when her photography journey fully started.

By the age of 18, Lesego had worked with multiple publications and had photographed numerous influential figures including Pearl Tusi, Boity Thulo and Bonang.

At the age of 22, she realised that she had achieved everything she wanted to accomplish within the photography space and decided to pursue her social media platforms.

Using her photography skills, she dove into content creation, specifically focusing on body positivity. 

“From the response of society on how they treat big women, I [decided] to use my platform to spread body positivity.”

Bypassing conventional publications and platforms and going direct to the public via social media, Lesego found her audience.

She then decided to take her content and transform it into video form by starting a YouTube channel.

“I wanted to carry on inspiring other people to talk about mental health but make it in a way that is fun and easy to understand.”

If social media ‘made’ her, she also had to roll with the not so pleasant side – and grow from it.

“A lot of times when people have mean things to say about you, it’s never about you, people like to project their own insecurities onto others.”

Lesego realised that her purpose in life was much bigger than the negative comments she was receiving. 

She is also fortunate enough to have come from a family that taught her that she gets to write her own story. 

As a plus size curvy influencer, Lesego realised that a lot of big women were struggling to find stylish clothes. 

Seeing the gap in the market, Lesego alongside her business partner Rebecca Garande decided to start making clothing for plus size women and in 2016 founded Leebex Fashion.

The clothing line is dedicated to helping women love their curves with fashion forward, on-trend and affordable clothing. 

She’s stepped out to become a voice for ‘fat gals’ and an advocate of body positivity, and this stereotype-subverter. It is impossible to calculate the impact and happiness that her body positive message creates for women of every age, but we believe it is great!




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