Capitec clients Clint and Claire Smith have declared a yoga republic in Randburg.

‘Build it and they will come’ goes the line from a famous sports movie and Claire and Clint Smith can relate. To this couple, yoga is health, fitness, recreation, community and the healthiest basis to grow and sustain a business so they built a way of life around it – and the people came.

“We need yoga for our mental, physical and emotional health. When I realised what it does for me, I couldn’t not share,” explains Co-owner, Claire Smith.

The Yoga Republic is their earth, animal and people-friendly yoga studio in Johannesburg that offers a holistic approach of organic eats, kids swimming classes in a pool free of chemicals and referrals to a homoeopathic medical practice.

“Our core offering is yoga, breathwork and meditation, and around that it’s packed with sustainable living,” says Co-owner, Clint Smith. 

Their studio was designed around Vaastu Shastra – the ancient Indian science of architecture to ensure the building is designed in harmony with nature and promotes positive energy for the prana⎯ “vital life”.

“We’ve got energy plates planted in nine different areas around the building so the minute you walk in through our doors, you’ll have a feeling of relaxation and a feeling of calmness,” explains Clint. 

Hot yoga studios form the basis of their business and these are maintained sustainably with the support of solar power.

After all the couple’s investment in sustainable design, lockdown could have put an end to it all, had they not been able to hit the ground running when restrictions were lifted.

The Yoga Republic operates in one of the industries heavily affected by COVID, as they were closed for seven months. It’s at this time they entered into a relationship with Capitec.

“When we opened it was quite time pressurised, because the president literally told us that night that we could open again in two days time. We had been closed for a long time and Capitec was the only bank who was able to be there for us and get things running… They were there at my house, signing the paperwork, getting everything sorted,” explains Claire. 

Added to that, “Capitec can offer me a card machine with no monthly instalments. All I have to pay is a commission on my sales and the commission they charge is substantially less than I was offered at any other bank,” shares Claire.

There is more than one way to help you breathe easy and live better. The Smiths found a balance by incorporating the lifestyle they are teaching into their everyday life – it’s through their dedication to the discipline that they’ve found the answers to the toughest of times the world over. 

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