Learn how Capitec is changing the game and pushing the boundaries when it comes to recruiting talent and empowering young South Africans to take up careers in maths and science.

To build a successful business, your foundation has to be based on creating a dream team. With the right people on the job, your brand can thrive and flourish. That’s why Capitec has a team of people dedicated to Talent Acquisition with the responsibility of filling the ever-growing need for talented individuals to work in their company. There’s no doubt that this is the secret key to their award-winning service.

Capitec’s Talent Acquisition Team Leader, Zeleika Ramiah.

There’s three essential characteristics Capitec’s Head of Talent Acquisition, Sharon van Horsten, looks for: a client-first mindset, the ability to take ownership, and energy to execute. The Talent Acquisition Team’s role is to find the right talent for the business. After all, with almost 850 branches across South Africa, Capitec services more than 15 million clients.

Sharon shares that, on average, Capitec receives 500 000 job applications a year. Since Capitec’s vision is to help South Africans live better, they have to ensure their frontline and behind-the-scenes employees are the best of the best. To manage their volume of applications optimally, they’ve created a platform to help manage the process.

Paula Georgeu from Capitec talks The Insider SA through their Volume Solution platform and their partnership with SHL, a talent management and assessment company The platform helps smooth out the creases of job applications while also putting the candidate in the driver’s seat throughout the entire acquisition process.

Paula explains, “The volume solution is designed to give candidates a really good understanding of what the job will entail and what they would be required to do on a daily basis. We also try and provide the candidate with real time feedback during the process. So, as they complete the questionnaire, they’ll get feedback about which aspects of the job they may like, and which aspects they may not”. This helps candidates determine for themselves if they’re a good fit for the company.

Accessibility was also of vital importance for Capitec. Because of this, their application platform is mobile-enabled and completely data free. This means that you can access their assessment from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

However, Capitec doesn’t just want to hire the best talent available, they also want to have a hand in shaping the future. Capitec’s structured programmes help support and nurture learners into prosperous career paths, setting them up for a successful future ahead.

Capitec’s Talent Acquisition Team Leader, Zeleika Ramiah, shares some shocking statistics. “In 2019, approximately 2% of Grade 12 learners actually got distinctions in Mathematics and that equates to approximately 4,441 learners. This is a great concern because Mathematics is one of those entry points to a higher education qualification such as Medicine, Engineering, as well as things such as Computer Sciences”.

In an effort to change the statistic, Capitec got involved. Zeleika explains, “Capitec is a proud sponsor of Quantify Your Future. This particular platform allows you to be able to discover the possible careers that are out there and the steps you can take to actually pursue these careers. Linked up with that, we also have amazing opportunities like the Bursary Programme within Capitec. This particular programme contributes to upskilling individuals in skills such as Mathematics and Sciences, as well as assisting studies in a particular qualification”.

To help discover talented university graduates and innovative thinkers who share the company’s values, Capitec launched the Graduate Development Programme in 2016. This programme has seen great success and growth for individuals like Thabiso Ntando.

Thabiso shares, “I found out about Capitec’s Graduate Development Programme and since it was Capitec that was enough to grab my attention, so I applied. The programme is a rotation programme, so you spend 18 months rotating within the business in different departments, getting to understand the context of Capitec and what they are about. A core focus of the programme is to develop you from a leadership point of view. I spent a lot of time in leadership courses working on emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and business acumen. After completing the programme, I really got to understand my strengths and the type of direction I wanted to take. I found out that I’m actually good at Marketing and PR, so now I’m a part of the Capitec PR team and it’s been amazing”.

From young, exciting talent all the way to the executive level, the Talent Acquisition team is focused on finding the perfect candidate for the job. For Navashnee Moodley, who joined the company in 2018, this was definitely the case.

Paula Georgeu an Assesment Manager at Capitec.

Now the Head of Marketing & Client Experience, Navashnee shares her career journey with Capitec. “What was great about the Capitec recruitment process was the ability to co-create and design my role with the line manager and the executive I’ll be working with so that we set expectations up front and we understood what we wanted to achieve together, both from a skillset perspective and how the business needed to enable that”.

“What’s cool about Capitec is that they’re a business and a bank run by entrepreneurs” explains Navashnee. “So if you bring a good idea to the table, there’s no red tape or business politics to say that you can’t do it. At Capitec I have the freedom to create and that’s very important to me”.

Capitec advertises all their opportunities on the Capitec Careers portal. There you’ll discover a range of operations, leadership, specialised and service positions uploaded daily. You can create your own profile, register your CV, and even set up job alerts for opportunities you’re interested in. That way, your career development and goals are prioritised while also immediately letting you know when your dream job is right around the corner.