Adventure duo Maurice Paige and Lauren Joseph step out for a day of romance in their city.

It was being cast in a TV soapie that brought them together and now that actors Lauren Joseph and Maurice Paige are a couple, they’re writing their own storylines, featuring plenty of adventure.

Their day started with a paragliding experience down Signal Hill to help Maurice face his fear of heights. That, and getting out to spread their wings seemed an apt choice for two TV personalities who’s dayjob is typically spent in a studio, boxed in by lights and cameras.

In her film Planet of The Sharks Lauren lived in a future where the ice caps have melted, flooding the world with oceans full of Great Whites. Thankfully, we’re not there yet and there was still some turf to land on at Sea Point beachfront.

Once sound on the ground, Maurice played down the entire adventure but Lauren was definitely converted and shared her excitement to do it again soon. While enjoying the autumn sun on the promenade, we hear the story of how the two met and more recently got engaged.

“We met for the first time, four years ago, when I just started with Suidooster,” says Maurice who relays that he just knew it was something special from the start. Fast forward a few years and he shares how it took him three whole months to plan the special occasion in Knysna without letting wind of anything to Lauren. 

Fans of their show greeted news of their engagement with a universal thumbs up.

“What stood out for me at the engagement was the fact that his grandmother could make it, along with my dad and Maurice’s mom. The people that are really, really close to us. Family is very dear to us so the fact that they could be there and share in our special moment made it extra special for me,” says future Mrs Page.

We discover that their favourite way to spend quality time together is to get away on a road trip, explore other places and enjoy time in nature. So a cosy picnic out at Cape Point Vineyard, set majestically against the slopes of the famous Chapman’s Peak mountain range and overlooks the nearby Atlantic Ocean, ticked all the right boxes and was the perfect end to a day of adventure.   

We can say this much… Anytime the plot calls for a romantic moment, they’ll have the memory of this day and the beautiful vineyard by the sea to tap into.




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