Fashion designer and stylist Macc Gee, entrepreneur Chris Vegas, media personality Vuyo Mogatlha and musician Benny Afroe have united their creative skills on The Vegas House.

The group of four young creative visionaries have combined their talents to form a collective, building bridges between brands and personalities with the goal of producing, curating and telling African stories. 

They’ve founded The Vegas House, a Creative Agency that offers a full 360solution to brand and digital marketing, from brand strategies and development to content creation, event consulting, public relations and social media management.

Positioning themselves as the go-to agency when targeting the Gen-Z audience specifically, they’re also building an in-house influencer and talent management division.

Media personality Vuyo Mogatlha, AKA Uncle Vuzzi comments, “I think the youth of today, as much as we’re in a very good position, we’re also in a very delicate situation because of the pressures of social media and the people we look up to. I think right now we’re in a time when there’s no gatekeepers. I think the youth is able to take the game to the next level and show that age doesn’t really matter.”     

Media personality and creative, Uncle Vuzi.

In support of Vuyo’s statement, designer and stylist Lesedi Riba, AKA  Macc Gee comments, “As much as the youth is a bit frustrated and bothered by the current state of affairs, GBV, unemployment or whatever, they try and use what they have and what they can use to express themselves. So I feel like the youth is really trying their best to come up and make something of themselves.”

Musician Benny Riba AKA Benny Afroe offers some context to the collective’s mission. “Me and the boys are creating different platforms for the youth to showcase whatever they have. We have platforms for influencers to put themselves out there, we have different networks of people we’re working with to help people with talents get themselves out there. Bit by bit we’re getting there to help the youth.”

Musical talent, Benny Afroe.

Oboh Christian Oseahu, AKA Chris Vegas, is the founder of The Vegas House and director of Macc Gee Jeans. He offers the following words of encouragement to the youth. 

“Keep striving, keep pushing – it’s not perfect for anyone out there. Just keep doing you and some day the light will shine at the end of the tunnel. ”

Stylist and fashion lover, Macc Gee.