We get the scoop on Sio’s look, how her dress, dreads and make up got so dope – and how she came to write a hit track for a commercial.

Sio, the voice behind Hyundai’s Venue advert, is a singer-songwriter, actress, model, poet and DJ. With a unique style and otherworldly sound the 34-year-old creative uses a blend of music and poetry to tell her stories. 

To uncover the story behind how she got on board with the campaign we met Sio at the place where it all started – Audio Militia.  

“This is where the magic happens. Audio Militia pitched an idea to do a song for the Hyundai Venue advert, based on the concept of ‘your dreams don’t work unless you do’. They thought my voice would suit the ad, so we met, recorded the song and then pitched it. Hyundai loved me. They loved our version and that’s how a lot of stuff started opening up,” shares the artist.  

Providing more insight into the concept of “We’re Not Done Yet,” Sio goes on to explain. 

“The song is light, and powerful, and has a strong and beautiful message about you getting up and doing the difficult things to get the work done. It helps me plug into why I do what I do and reminds me that yes, I’ve got dreams, and yes they’re great, but I need to do the work to get them. Sometimes you need a reminder.”

With an ethereal sound and eclectic aesthetic, she’s very intentional about her work and her style. We seized the opportunity to get the scoop on her creative influences and look – from her faux locks which she does herself, to her bold and graphic Xhosa-inspired make-up, and the jewelry which she often makes herself. 

“Image is super important to me as an artist. I am African, of African descent in Africa. So I like to draw inspiration from African culture,” shares the artist. 

Her denim blue Hyundai Venue fits in perfectly with her fresh look and, it’s no surprise that Sio enjoys driving it around Jozi or that she jumped at the opportunity to take us to some of her most memorable spots – which includes Mary Fitzgerald Square.

“This is one of the most important places for my artistic expression and creation because I made a lot of songs on the double-decker bridge. I spent hours and hours in a taxi, stuck in traffic, on the double-decker bridge. I wrote a lot of songs and a lot of poetry.”

She goes on to share that one of the biggest highlights of her music career is that she can live from her music. 

“My music takes care of me. That’s the big gift it’s given me,” shares Sio. 

If her music takes care of her, it’s her Hyundai Venue that takes the artist where she wants to go. 

“I’m enjoying the Hyundai Venue so much. It is a powerhouse of a car. It’s a beautiful, spacious SUV. I love the drive. It is cute. It is sexy. It is sleek. It demands respect, which I really, really love.”

The exciting SUV option that won’t break the bank, is designed and built for the young and the young at heart. To experience the dream of driving a Hyundai Venue first-hand, visit





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