Bespoke events guru and Capitec client, Sujay Harie, demonstrates how there’s no need to have a venue with a view, if the venue can be the view. 

Two years ago when lockdown hit the events industry hard, South Africa’s glorious outdoors was the one place where Sujay Harie could still do what he does best. 

Making the choice to push forward despite the industry wide shutdown, he launched Paisley Picnics Co. and has already hosted 250 bespoke events since.

“My biggest motivation at the time was to not be a failure after working extremely hard for many years, and to display my perseverance and creativity of thought to get out of a tough time. When the pandemic came along and destroyed all those dreams and aspirations for many of us around the world, I knew that there was still something that could be done, especially in this industry,” shares a very resilient Sujay.

His grit and passion for the events industry stems from his mother who has been in the events and wedding industry for over 25 years. 

“My biggest inspiration is my mother. I definitely get my creative touch from her, as well as the positive and confident attitude you need to exhibit your creativity.”

The beauty of picnics specifically for him is that it can be hosted anywhere, be it the beach, overlooking a dam or at your home. The options and room for creativity are endless! 

As for his bespoke services, it extends to unique picnics, proposals, weddings and any and all intimate event experiences.

This particular affair was a networking event for like-minded young entrepreneurs and change-makers, and the Perisian-boho-chic setup spoke for itself. 

The event maestro coupled décor in shades of pink and white with complimentary Persian carpets, teepee tents and outdoor parasols.

A delightful arrangement as such requires a variety of different and sometimes new suppliers, outsourced catering and staff to man every project. With Sujay integrally involved in everything, he needs to be able to run it from wherever he is, which is why he’s opted to bank with Capitec.

“With a bank I just need simplicity and ease of use. As you can see, we come out to the craziest of areas and I have no time to go sit in queues and go to the bank. I just pick up my phone, go onto my Capitec app and everything that I need is right there – so ease of use is guaranteed.”

Making the switch was super easy. As easy as taking a selfie in fact. It was done remotely at a time that was convenient for him and his card was delivered to his door free of charge. No branch visit required.

“With the app I’ve found that transactions are easier, your Live Better benefits are tracked and life is just good,” adds Sujay.

Download Capitec’s app, take a few selfies, enter your SA ID number and have your card delivered – it’s that simple to follow suit.  

To add an extra feeling of elegance, Sujay ropped in fashion designer Sajida Kadoo to style his guests, who in turn dressed everyone in items from her collection. 

With a keen eye for timeless and unique pieces that stick around long beyond fast fashion, Sajida’s tailored garments in shades of pink and white blended perfectly with the event setup.  

With outdoor events and dining no longer subject to the same restrictions as indoors, there’s a shift to a new way of doing things, and hosting something exceptional in the fresh open air, is one of them. And what a spectacular way to celebrate any occasion it is.


Looking to make a shift to a new way of doing business or been inspired to throw your own bespoke picnic? Let Capitec help you with a chance of winning a R1000 cash prize. Simply reply to the competition post on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profiles using #LiveBetter. The competition closes Sunday 24 April 2022. Ts&Cs apply.




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