If anyone is qualified to know what a great return on her time is, it’s Lifestyle Vlogger and Management Accounting post-grad Yolanda Khumalo. A short trip from doing her articles in the city, brings her to South Africa’s whale watching capital where even a day feels like a week long getaway.

“My journey as an influencer started in February 2020. When I started my channel, it was mainly out of enjoyment, doing what I love, documenting my life,” she explains, “as time went, I started gaining popularity…and my channel blew up.” 

Soon, Yolanda was being approached by brands and felt a need to support more proudly South Africa brands, including Capitec.

“I partnered up with Capitec Bank because Capitec Bank is not just any bank to me. It was my very first bank. I remember when I opened up my account, it was when I was starting at university in my first year,” she explains.

“It was because of the low transaction costs it had. It was very fitting for a student but now as a young adult, it is still fitting in my lifestyle because of all the interesting opportunities they offer.” 

One of the interesting opportunities available are EasyEquities, that make it easy and more affordable to buy shares in local and international stock markets so with clever investing, you can start to live better.

“Investing with EasyEquities through Capitec is very easy. All you need to do is just open your banking app and register on the EasyEquities platform,” says Yolanda. 

“You can buy a share for as little as R5 and the nice thing about it is that you can manage and monitor your shares from your phone,” Yolanda explained. In addition, you also get a tax-free savings account when you sign up for an EasyEquities account. 

Having seen the impact of Covid on tourism during the last two years, Tour Guide, Trevor Gray of Golden Cape Tours, is delighted that local travelers are again spending their escapes in Hermanus.

One group of tourists who come in peace, by sea, each year, and who have done so for tens of thousands of years at least, are the Southern Right Whales. And you can see them from most points above the ocean!

“Hermanus is the whale watching capital of the world and whenever I take guests here without doubt, it always delivers,” explains Trevor. From the beautiful scenery, to the magnificent selection of food and wine, what’s not to love about this coastal getaway?

The Hermanus Whale Crier was a stroke of marketing genius by a town local. Thirty years ago, the first kelp horn blew to announce whales in the bay and Bulelani Ngidi continues this tradition.

“Whale watching in this town is unique because the whales come really close to the shore and we get them every year between June and December,” he explains. 

Getting closer to these giants means a boat trip with licensed operators like Christopher Sauls of Hermanus Whale Cruises, who are very disciplined about getting close enough but without disturbing the whales.

After all the activities, Yolanda built up an appetite and was lucky enough to get an early table at the restaurant everyone wants to have dinner at – Bietang’s Cave Restaurant and Wine Bar. 

Hermanus is one of a thousand South African towns, each with something unique to offer. 


Which point on our map do you dream of visiting and why? Tell us, to stand a chance of winning a R1000. Simply reply to the competition post on The Insider SA’s social media platforms using #CapitecLiveBetter. Competition ends 25 September 2022 and Ts&Cs apply.



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