Discover what pastime enchanted nuclear engineering student Cheyeza Mulasi so much that she transformed it into a side hustle.

Capitec client and nuclear engineering student Cheyeza Mulasi has found a unique way to brighten up her spare time. She combines her love for science and beautiful things by making scented candles from scratch, a hobby she is now transforming into a business.

When she needs an escape from her books, Cheyeza can be found in the gym, jogging around her neighbourhood, or making candles – the hobby she took up to help her unwind. 

“I’ve been making candles for about a year now. It was something I thought would be different from what I study. It has nothing to do with engineering, and is a way for me to just relax,” says the North-West University master’s student. 

While demonstrating how to work with candles and wax, Cheyeza shares that the patience required has been a good learning curve for her. Household items, like pegs, can be used, and mugs can serve as good containers. As for the wax and wicks, she orders those online, along with her fragrance oils and jars. 

“Ordering online is very simple and very safe, especially during the pandemic. More so now that Capitec has introduced the virtual card, which makes it even easier to process online payments,” says the Capitec user.  

She adds, “The Capitec virtual card provides layers of safety by ensuring that in order to see your CVV number, you need to use your pin. I chose to bank with Capitec because it’s easy to open an account, and I looked at their features and offerings, and I can track my money very easily on the app.” 

She’s turned her pastime into a business called Copper Milk, and her goal is to make candles on a larger scale, buy equipment, and make sure that more people have the luxury of experiencing these exquisite scents.  

Cheyeza’s hobby is evidence that even with a busy life, we can always find time to de-stress and do something we love. As for the entrepreneurial journey, we wish her prosperity and pleasure in taking it to the next level.