The Insider SA meets media personality, Nicolette Mashile and learn how she’s made a success from investing in real estate. Her top tip? Find a good bank. Capitec’s new home loan offering can help kickstart your property investment journey.

Investing wisely in property is one of the best ways to create a lasting legacy for your family. The Insider SA visited the home of media personality and entrepreneur, Nicolette Mashile, better known as the Financial Fitness Bunny, who shared some of the lessons she’s learnt during her successful journey in property investment.

“Property became one of the most important investments I made in my life”, Nicolette shares. “As a young, black child in South Africa, as somebody whose building generational wealth, it is important for me to own my own property in South Africa. Property is such a tangible asset that you can pass from generation to generation. It becomes a generational asset”.

Coming from a family of teachers, Nicolette is passionate about education – especially surrounding finance. To share her knowledge with others, Nicolette launched Financial Fitness Bunnies, an initiative that aims to make financial education fun and accessible. 

Nicolette explains, “I do a lot of money talks and I’m very passionate about financial investing, financial education, saving, budgeting, and making sure your money works for you”

At Financial Fitness Bunnies, Nicolette aims to “sprinkle some glitter on finance”, making it something you want to get stuck in, rather than something to shy away from because it appears intimidating and complicated. Being a Financial Fitness Bunny means “you need to work your money on a daily basis”, explains Nicolette.

One of the ways you can work on your money is looking for a way to constantly grow it. That’s how Nicolette fell in love with property. “One of the lessons that I learnt very quickly about how wealthy people make their money is that they need to duplicate themselves. The only way you can duplicate yourself is if you invest in another asset that can actually make you money” – an asset like property.

But being fully active in your finances was a hard lesson Nicolette had to learn when she started investing in real estate. Since Nicolette was able to buy her first property in cash from her saved money, she found few issues. However, the second property taught her the value of a good bank.

Nicolette didn’t have enough money to buy the second property in cash and needed to partner with a bank buy the house. Unfortunately, many banks came back to her with unfavourable offers that didn’t benefit her and it really caught her out.

Nicolette shares what she learnt from her previous property ordeal: “Looking back, I would’ve taken the time to find the right type of financial institution or bank. I know that Capitec has a new deal where they help you with a home loan which is a little more simpler and transparent. I think finding the right people that are going to assist you and almost hold your hand is really important when you’re looking to buy a home.”

Capitec’s new home loan offering in partnership with SA Home Loans makes buying a home for your family a breeze by putting you in control with a transparent and efficient process. It’s quick, easy and you can apply online in four easy steps – and a dedicated property finance consultant will guide and support you through your journey. 

Nicolette shares her final tips with The Insider SA for getting into the property market. “Number 1: Always shop around. Shopping around is very important because it shows you the different options you’ve got. Number 2: Make sure you’re not always taking the first deal you get. Financial institutions like banks are there to help us. So go to the one that is suitable for you and the one that speaks to you and your needs”.

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