The interiors of this house are testament to how two driven, independent and fun women can transform the feel of a home. One is the owner, the other her interior designer and this project is their proudest boast.

This week, we met up with Kirsten Lloyd, Founder of Lo-Ki Interiors, at one of her recent creative projects. 

As we took a lot around the home, Kirsten spoke to us about her journey in interior design, which started early on in her life.

“I’ve always had a love for anything creative, I remember when I was a really young girl, my mom would go to the fabric store and I always wanted to accompany her,” she explains. 

As she got older, she began watching home renovation and design shows that further sparked her interest in the industry and today, she has been working as an interior designer for almost 11 years.

With her recent project, Kirsten got to employ her full, creative palette in spaces of bold, feminine character, with quirky, fascinating and interesting pieces.

“Our brief with this project was to open the space up and make the house more user-friendly for the client,” says Kirsten

“By opening up the kitchen and removing the archway that was here originally, we really could create a beautiful flow from the kitchen into the dining room and then through to the lounge as well.” 

Being given artistic license allows a designer to follow their instincts and for Kirsten, this meant lots and lots of colour.

“This project was almost a dream come true [because] the client gave me free reign to bring a lot of colour into the space,” she says.

The one request of the client was to ensure that the home really showed off her bubbly personality in every space. 

In the kitchen, the use of white quartz countertops balances out the cheerful, artistic splashback of the kitchen, a favourite of Kirstens. 

While sticking to the theme, Kirsten wanted to create variations of it throughout the home and opted for bold fabrics in the dining room.

She also included rustic influences from her two years spent in Tanzania, to balance the quirky and feminine edge throughout the house. 

In the living room, Kirsten prioritised practicality as the client has small children. This was accompanied by the inclusion of greenery and plants into the space to bring nature right into the home.

Kirsten firmly believes in creating a life and environment which you don’t need a break from, and her client has embraced that in this upstairs oasis.

For all would-be decor entrepreneurs, consider that Kirsten started with zero capital. With the profit from her first installation, she built her website and from there it was word of mouth and social media. So, you can do it too.

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