World-famous celebrity makeup artist, Sir John and W.Beauty by Woolworths releases Sir John’s Volume 3 collection, Reign & Shine.

Volume 3, Reign & Shine, is the latest collaboration between W.Beauty by Woolworths and world-renowned makeup artist, Sir John who created an exclusive collection inspired by and made for South African women. We caught up with the make-up maestro himself at his beautiful home in Los Angeles.

Sir John’s love for unique décor is apparent throughout his home, seen in some of the personal pieces he has acquired over the course of his life. Amongst his collections are portraits, paintings, and printed canvases showcasing black excellence and custom-made furniture that reminds Sir John of his beloved grandmother – the woman who also taught Sir John how to cook and made him fall in love with food.

Amongst his collections is Sir John’s beautifully curated portfolio of his most famous work, featuring some of the world’s biggest stars. Together with The Queen B herself, Beyoncé, Sir John was able to revolutionise makeup, set global trends, and capture iconic, timeless looks.

Sir John created his latest makeup collection, Reign & Shine, as a “love letter to South Africa”. “This is for the women and men there. Reigning is about holding space, taking up space, being a better narrator, and owning what’s personal and near and dear to yourself”.

A standout product of the collection is Sir John’s palette featuring neutral tones with a pop of colour. “This is great for people who are minimalist, but also like to have a little fun – someone who likes to bring a little bit of disco into the daytime”.

Other products include a dual-ended face & cheek stick in plum and warm terracotta, a velvet touch lipstick, and a brush set. A great addition is that the collection is 100% vegan and backed by Beauty without Cruelty.

Sir John’s efforts to create a more sustainable product was something he learnt from both Woolworths and today’s younger generation. “We need to shop by values. We need to see things that are locally sourced and make sure that this environment and world we live in is healthy for years to come”.

Supporting local talent, Sir John and W.Beauty partnered exclusively with South African creatives to bring the campaign to life. They chose Unathi Nkayi as the perfect face for the collection since she’s remained true to her African roots throughout her career.

“I met this beautiful, tropical heat wave of energy”, says Sir John, describing Unathi. “It was important for myself and Woolworths to have someone who symbolises and represents SA”.

Like many people of colour, Sir John grew up with little representation in media and advertising that showcased the beauty of the black community. As a result, he wants little boys and girls to walk into Woolworths and see Unathi’s face, larger than life, and know that they are beautiful too.

Unathi shares, “It overwhelms me to have Sir John – a globally recognised, world-renowned makeup artist – trust me with such an important message to women of South Africa that we are beautiful just the way we are”. She adds, “It’s wonderful that Woolworths and Sir John just took me as I am”.

Unathi and Sir John.

Another local creative on board the Reign & Shine team is fine artist, Robyn Pretorius, who embodied the spirit of the collection in truly South African artwork for the makeup’s packaging.

Robyn has always had a natural gift for art and has been pursuing this career since she was a child. “Art for me wasn’t just an occupation or something to strive for – it was the way I communicated, how I saw the world, and how I understood things”.

Sir John comments, “I couldn’t be more proud of how this packaging turned out”. The process of creation saw Robyn studying South Africa’s national flower and painting a King Protea in its three stages of life – from a closed bud to fully in bloom.

“I love going for a challenge”, Robyn explains. “And I think it’s cool that Woolworths is investing in local talent because I think this creates more opportunities for artists in South Africa. We are quite a talented country”.

Sir John concludes, saying, “When I think and look at life as an artist and what I’ve contributed to the beauty community, I’m most proud of this collaboration with Woolworths. This collection really provokes my heart to do better as an artist. I’m so proud of my Woolworths family”.

Make sure you get your hands on the limited edition Sir John and W.Beauty Volume 3: Reign and Shine collection – available at Woolworths stores nationwide, or online through the Woolworths website and app.