Save yourself the stress and hard work this Christmas with a range of convenient products made for you by Woolworths, so that you can focus on what really matters this festive season.

Preparing for Christmas can be quite a stressful experience, especially when it comes to creating the perfect table, spreads, and meals. We visit an exquisite apartment on the Atlantic Seaboard where the team from Woolies share some creative ideas on how to put together a truly South African festive celebration.

This year, Head of Trend & Design at Woolworths, Claire Robinson, is all about maximalism. “There’s nothing minimal about our Christmas table this year because we all need a little bit of fun and abundance.” Homeware Designer, Renee Ulster recommends a festive table filled with trendy greens, neutrals and whites for a summer Christmas in the sun.

Complete your festive table with Woolies’ décor like mini Christmas trees, confetti crackers, and of course, a special touch of festive treats like Woolies’ chuckles in a tin, gold-shimmered fortune cookies, and iced Christmas tree biscuits to brighten up your table.

If you’re looking for festive décor with a difference, make sure to include the unique, ‘From Bottle to Bauble’ decorations. These baubles are locally made from recycled plastic, diverting 13,000 bottles from the landfill. Renee explains, “When you buy this bauble, you’re supporting local communities as well as cleaning up the planet”.

No festive spread is complete without the star of the show – the food. Taking up the cooking duties are three top chefs, who are part of the Woolies family, Clem Pedro, the Lazy Makoti: Mogau Seshoene, and Scott Parker, who each bring their own flair and personality to every dish. 

Cooking this Christmas is going to be a breeze. As Mogau says, “The hard work’s already been done for you. All that’s left is assembling”.

Chef's Clement Pedro, Scott Parker and Mogau Seshoene serve up simple and delicious festive treats — a foodies dream.

Clem and Mogau’s starter platters are inspired by the traditional Christmas wreath. While Mogau puts together a delicious seafood platter, Clem gets to work on his charcuterie platter.

For mains, Scott puts his spin on the classic Christmas gammon. He flambés some brandy to drizzle over sliced beechwood smoked gammon, warming it up and making it even more tender and succulent. Scott adds pickled vegetables, gives a generous serving of cranberry and port sauce, and finishes it off with some spicy barbeque pork cracklings for some extra crunch.

For the more adventurous, try Woolies’ gammon poached in stock, finish it off in the oven, and lace it with caramelised maple syrup and flambéed whiskey.

Scott's spin on the classic gammon with pickled veggies, drizzled with flambéed brandy.

Next on the menu is a slow-cooked local classic: oxtail. Mogau adds a healthy helping of red wine, vegetables, and beef stock and pairs it with a side of steamed, herby dombolo.

Clem’s addition is a lamb roast stuffed with mushrooms, barley, and spinach and the Woolies Cauliflower Roast, coated in bechamel sauce and topped with a fresh herb sprinkle. Best of all, these are all ready-made by Woolies. Clem serves this with roast baby potatoes in rosemary and salt, sugar-snap peas, tender stem broccoli.

Remember to leave space for dessert! Spoil your guests with a selection of decadent festive treats from Woolies. While Scott makes a summer twist of an English favourite, Eton Mess, Woolies is happy to prepare the rest.

Take your festive dessert table to the next level with showstoppers that not only taste delicious, but make for a beautiful centrepiece, like the tiramisu spongecake, chocolate hazelnut yule log, melting chocolate pedestal trifle or blow your guests away with a chocolate caramel ombre celebration cake.

With the food done and dusted, the celebrations can really begin! Enjoy a refreshing cocktail made from ginger beer ice lollies and Astoria Ice Prosecco.

Mogau shares, “For me, this season is all about family and friends. Especially in 2020, given what this year has been. It’s now more than ever that we’re so grateful for what we have”.

Christmas is a time of giving back, but it’s also a time to receive – and who doesn’t love unwrapping presents? The Woolies Team and top chefs receive locally-produced, luxurious, and handy gifts to enjoy the entire new year (unless it’s Woolies’ famous festive biscuits – we guarantee those will be finished by the end of the day!).

Save yourself the stress and hard work this Christmas with a range of convenient products made for you by Woolies so you can focus on what really matters – spending quality time with family and friends, making memories and lapping up the sunshine.