We discover how Capitec is challenging the norm and redefining banking with their latest collaboration to create custom Live Better Japan S sneakers with K.O and Zubair Mahomed.

Capitec is on a mission to better the lives of everyday South Africans and has shown its commitment to thinking outside the box and continuing to drive change.

The bank’s latest partnership with musician K.O is a fresh mix of creativity, just gearing to pop off. K.O, ASICS and visual artist Zubair Mahomed have collaborated to create a Live Better Japan S sneaker, set to get the hearts of sneaker-heads racing.

“The Live Better sneaker is very much inspired by the mural that has been done in our building. We’ve brought on a visual artist to do the same with the sneaker,” explains Chandre Matlala, communications and PR specialist at Capitec.

“He put together some designs for us, and we’ve all just been involved in the process of selecting what would look good and what would suit our clients to put together a sneaker that everyone will love,” she adds.

The artist in question is Zubair Mahomed, a contemporary artist known for customising and turning plain accessories into personalized masterpieces. Known in the art world as The Fresh Prince of Zubair, he has worked with big names in the fashion industry, such as Dolce & Gabbana.

Having already established an existing working relationship with Capitec, entrepreneur K.O felt Zubair was the perfect fit for this project.

“He was working at another establishment and I happened to be there. I asked him to customise one of my pairs and he did an amazing job. And now here we are,” explains K.O.

Stemming from K.O’s love for sneakers and his ambassadorship with ASICS Sports Style, the aim was to ensure that the bank reaffirms its presence in the youth and innovator space.

“When K.O told us about his sneaker collaboration with ASICS, we thought this was a great thing for us to come on board with as well,” says Chandre.

“Capitec is not your regular corporate, we have a strong sneaker culture. You’ll see everyone from execs to employees moving about in their sneakers. This ties in well with our company culture,” shares Chandre.

The Fresh Prince of Zubair is the perfect man for the job as he brings onboard a fresh, youthful, yet classic aesthetic.

“I use a lot of colours in my work to bring out feelings of nostalgia and euphoria. So along with the live better slogan, I thought it would be a good mix between the two,” shares the artist.

The partnership is the perfect example of Capitec’s passion to challenge the norm and reinvigorate how we think about banking. Bringing together like-minded creatives to produce an impeccable product for both staff and clients, the custom-designed Live Better Japan S sneakers are set to stir up the culture.

“We love this campaign because it’s quite unique. It’s taking a different medium, like a textile, and putting our live better messaging on there for our clients and employees alike,” shares Chandre.

Celebrating the collaboration, K.O believes these sneakers are sure to cause a riot on the street wear circuit. “I love this man’s work. I’m big on colours. And of course, if you follow what a great brand like Capitec does, you know what that slogan means. It’s about living better.”