Beauty and lifestyle content creator Mbali Mkhize shares the value of taking control of your finances from a young age with baby cousin Esami Thiyane, and how quick, easy, safe and convenient it is to open a Capitec bank account with their new remote on boarding service.

We’re in the City of Gold to meet Mbali Mkhize, a social media influencer and vlogger who is building a full time career creating beauty and lifestyle content. With 184 000 followers on Instagram, the 28 year old is fast gaining popularity as she navigates a wide digital landscape.

The young content creator took a very special trip to Sandton with The Insider SA, to surprise and treat her baby cousin Esami Thiyane with a day of fun for her 18th birthday. Mbali seized the opportunity to capture the moment for The Gram and share tips for creating popping content, while relaying a few valuable life lessons to Esami.

The first trick is to look good, so Mbali, who’s like a big sister to Esami, enlisted the help of friend and stylist La’Key Ndaba to get them looking their best for the day.

Styled by La’Key founder and image consultant La’Key shares that his styling journey started roughly 12 years ago. “I used to be a backing vocalist for all these incredible artists who would ask me to style their bands. Then Italy happened one year, and that’s where I got to unpack and learn more about trends, fashion and styles, and that’s where I sort of found my footing in styling. It’s been a thrilling ride from there, and I love it!” exclaims La’key before explaining that body silhouettes and skin tones are strong factors to consider when planning an outfit.

“What we’re trying to do is accentuate the nice parts of the body without over-complicating things. And today, in addition to showcases their individual characters, we aim to use colour but in a minimalistic way.” shares La’Key.

La’Key chose a stunning red dress for Mbali that incorporated a bit of vintage, and then accessorised the look with modern elements. The dress fit to perfection, had a simple black bow detail that broke the red, and showed off her legs.

For Esami, he chose a youthful and striking print dress that boldly complimented her skin tone.

Once the ladies were looking on-point and ready to capture the moment, we got a little insight into the thinking of a content creator.

“When I’m creating content it’s important that I capture a good background, but it needs to be an aesthetic that my audience associates with me and what I’m trying to share,” says Mbali. She adds, “To attract the right attention on social media using the right look, I would say that you need to make sure that you stay true to your style, or that you’re elevating your style in a way that the audience still recognises because your audience is literally what you’re doing it for.”

This was soon followed up with a lavish lunch of mocktails and oysters where Mbali communicated the importance of starting to make good financial decisions early and helped Esami immediately get started by opening a savings account right there and then.

The cousins went through the simple steps of opening an account with Capitec, a bank that makes saving easy and offers highly competitive interest rates on their accounts. All it took was a scroll through to the App store to download the latest Capitec banking App, a few taps to add in Esami’s details and a selfie with Capitec’s on-phone 3D face scanner, and the 18-year old was all set.

While you can still go into a Capitec branch to open a bank account, Capitec’s addition of remote on-boarding of clients allows you to join the bank in minutes and at your convenience.

The virtual card is another innovation from Capitec that helps you live better with simpler banking.

This is a completely digital bank card that is saved on a client’s Capitec banking App. It’s free and easy to load for all your App, online and scan to pay transactions, and because no-one can steal or duplicate it, it’s ultra-secure.

You too can open an account, transact and take control of your savings like Elsami did, with a few simple steps. All you need is your smartphone, ID document and the latest Capitec Bank App. To get started with your virtual card, simply activate it on your new Capitec App.