Find sanctuary with Building Our Way Home’s French/South African couple who’ve decided that a caravan in the country is how they’ll put down roots. 

French-South African thirty something couple Alice Lebèhot and Ambrose Uren’s idea of a sanctuary is a self-sufficient caravan-turned-home, out in the glory of nature.

Though Alice has a PHD in Ocean and Climate Sciences and Ambrose a popular act, this choice of home arose from asking themselves ‘what if we’re both out of work?’

The Cape Town based duo decided to make a radical change of lifestyle by purchasing a vacant plot in the countryside and converting a caravan into a home.

“Getting our plot mortgage-free and then a roof under our humble caravan was a step toward a life in which we can sustain ourselves. We still have a lot to learn and create but it all starts somewhere.” 

Through their blog ‘Building Our Way Home’ they are documenting their journey toward self-sufficiency and how piece-by-piece they are transforming their 595m2 plot from sandy soil into a cosy and abundant place.

The Insider SA got the tour of their very caravan, which they’re transforming bit-by-bit into a home with all the necessities, and then some. 

A major task has been to get the land ready and make design choices which change the feel from a caravan to a home.

“Our goals for the next few months are to get our veggie garden ready for spring, create a cosy outdoor living area, build the gutter system to collect the upcoming rain and plant as many plants as we can for them to thrive on that winter rain,” shares the couple. 

While this journey towards self-sufficiency has come with a unique set of challenges, Alice and Ambrose find sanctuary in each other and in showing ordinary South Africans that they can do it too. 

Want to support Ambrose and Alice in their journey to sustainability or collaborate with two environmentally-friendly individuals? Email

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