Since they met and fell in love, tech content creators Grant Hinds and Jessica Ambel Barnard have found great success. Especially in livestreaming of gaming as a form of entertainment. And that prosperity online has only strengthened their commitment to living a simple life, in the real world.

It’s been a year since we were fortunate enough to witness the wonderful engagement of Grant and Jess. Since then, the dynamic duo has been super busy with work life, content creating and wedding planning. As a couple that is passionate about the environment, Grant and Jess wanted to ensure that their wedding was as sustainable as possible.

“Weddings are difficult enough to plan, let alone making one that is sustainable,” explains Grant. Through the planning process, the couple saw just how much waste is produced during the wedding planning process and decided to opt for more sustainable options, including digital invitations. 

Grant explains that being digital was important to the couple as they met online. Indeed, Grant got in touch with Jess on the very day she was about to delete her dating app, and thanks to that, they now have the light of their life, Jamie.

Since then, their life has been quite an adventure which Grant believes is their biggest blessing. With a broadcasting studio at home, dad can be there for junior, while running a live-streaming platform for gamers.

“Being a dad and working from home with a new born child has been extremely challenging but it has been really rewarding,” he explains, “work isn’t just about work anymore, it’s about working for your daughter and for your wife, it add another layer of meaning that I didn’t think I would be having this year.” Our next outing was to AuTerra and  Botanica Jewellery to collect their sustainable wedding bands. 

As Grant works in tech, the couple wanted to find rings that were made from recycled tech, which the team at AuTerra and Botanica was successful at achieving. Another epic setting was Twelve Apostles Hotel, the wedding venue where Grant was looking forward to making his young family official. 

“This day is extremely important to me. For me, it is an expression of what I feel for her, our lives together and what we have found together,” explains Grant. The sophistication of the décor wasn’t about getting attention but rather doing things in a way that respects the tradition of marriage.

Always introducing friends and fans to new ways of living and eating sustainably, the bride and groom asked Head Chef Michael McIntyre to prepare a vegan feast, and Anmar Wilding of Crumb Cakes to create a vegan wedding cake.

Living by their own measures of what makes for a bountiful life, Grant and Jessica Hinds invite any and all to do the same and walk or dance gently on the Earth.

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