We took time out for a day of colourful fun to catch-up with superstars Kuli Chana and Lamiez Holworthy who continue to do amazing things in the world of entertainment.

Khuli Chana and Lamiez Holworthy are a South African entertainment power couple. He’s a rapper, known for pioneering the Motswako movement, and she’s a DJ and popular tv personality.

The Insider SA joined them along with friends Thuli Sekwala and Sifiso Bonaventure, to engage in the colourful, thrill-seeking sport of paintballing and to learn more about the couple and their impressive careers.

Lamiez’s career in TV started in high-school and her DJing career soon after. Over the last decade she’s been voted as one of the Top 100 female DJs in the world four times, and in 2019 was voted as the second best female DJ in Africa. 

“DJing was interestingly my mom’s idea. Life happened and she wasn’t able to afford for me to further my studies after matric. She knew how much I loved music and could tell how frustrated I was at home so suggested that I learn how to DJ to keep busy until such time I could pursue my studies. So I learnt how to DJ and I haven’t looked back ever since,” shares Lamiez who did go study Media but admits “My passion has always been music and I guess that’s where God and my ancestors wanted me.”

Lamiez is known for her colourful personality that can be seen through her bold fashion choices, which are supported by her husband Khulane Morule, aka Khuli Chana.

“I’ve always loved fashion, but I think Lamiez brought out the best in me. Through her, I got to reinvent myself,” comments Khuli.

Paintballing gear is very different to their normal attire – and part of the fun experience of enjoying time out with friends. The girls won, wait for it, 6 – 0, which Lamiez cheerily puts down to the boys being overly confident in the beginning.  

A special lunch to relax and unwind was prepared by Chef Nandi, fondly known as “Sticky Ginger”. The theme was ‘braai with colour’ and the menu consisted of Chimichurri beef, Yakitori chicken, grilled asparagus, grilled baby marrow with salsa and chakalaka. 

One of the guests at the lunch was Lamiez’ mother and manager, Imelda Klow, who from a young age has taught her daughter that there is power in being different.

“Lamiez is actually very shy but perfection in her work is always there. What I admire the most about my daughter is the fact that she’s still very humble,” says Imelda.  

She’s not just humble about her achievements – Lamiez strives to use her success to make a contribution to helping others get ahead, and Khuli Chana is her keen partner in making a positive impact.

He’s one of the directors who encouraged The Lamiez Holworthy Foundation, which provides aid for orphanages and safe houses for orphaned, abused, abandoned,HIV infected and affected children. The foundation also focuses on funding learners from disadvantaged and impoverished backgrounds with study material, financial aid and sponsors deserving matriculants with their matric farewells. The Lamiez Holworthy Foundation has also started an initiative called “Bikers 4 Change” which plays an intricate role in her charity work.

Imelda Klow, Imiez's mom and manager.

Lamiez and Khuli Chana reflect on the support of each other and being best friends… “Khuli’s best quality is that he listens so attentively. He shocks me sometimes because he tells me stuff that I told him back when we started dating… I’m super blessed that I get to live with this person and get to experience how great he is,” comments Lamiez. 

Khuli Chana shares, “I think that a lot of people don’t know that Lamiez puts in 10 000 hours. She’s a complete master of her craft and a great DJ. My advice to anyone coming up is that you got to put in the work.”