Celebrity couple, JR and Tshepi Vundla escape on a romantic getaway to Teremok Boutique Lodge & Spa as they open up about navigating life and love together.

JR  and Tshepi are a creative power couple. He’s an accomplished musician and producer and she’s a stylist and social media influencer. 2020 has been a tough year for most, so a well-deserved weekend retreat to a luxury boutique hotel and spa in Umhlanga, KZN was just what they needed.

JR and Tshepi met nine years ago and have been celebrating their love ever since. Today, they have a beautiful three-year-old son, Sibabalwe ‘Siba’ Bogopa. As much as they’ve loved the quality family time lockdown has brought, these two were in desperate need of some time as “JR and Tshepi” again, and not as “Mommy and Daddy”.

JR’s music career took off in 2008 with the release of his first album ‘The Main Event’. In 2009, JR followed with his strong second album ‘Colourfull’. His hit singles, ‘Make the Circle Bigger’ and ‘Show Dem’ have become a South African classics and must-plays at every party. It’s only fitting that the partner by his side is Tshepi Vundla, is a woman who moves crowds with her sense of style, fashion and influence.

At Teremok Boutique Lodge & Spa, the couple could look forward to good food, therapeutic massages, and some much needed quality time in a romantic suite.

Teremok was built in the 1960s and originally designed as a holiday home by Constantine Vladykin who named it in his native Russian tongue. Teremok means ‘Little Hideaway’ – a name that is still fitting for this converted boutique hotel today. The lodge and spa is run by sisters Kim Davidson and Tracy Gielink along with their mother, Debbie Davidson.

All three of Teremok’s rooms have their own décor and design, their own mood CD, and their own fragrance of toiletries. This allows guests to draw on all their senses while enjoying their unique getaway. The Milkwood Suite that JR and Tshepi are staying in was inspired by the sweeping milkwood tree that presides over the entrance of the lodge.

While there, JR and Tshepi got to experience Teremok’s curated activities for their guests, such as a personal trainer from the comfort of their own balcony as they watched the sun rise over Umhlanga’s coastline. After enjoying a delicious breakfast, the couple headed to the spa to enjoy some pampering.

This year has been tough and we’ve all had to become more agile in our approach to life in order to adapt and grow, finding new positives in every situation. “We’re homebodies anyways”, explains Tshepi as she talks about lockdown. “It’s been pretty nice spending the family time we were able to spend”. JR adds, “Family gives you a sense of purpose. It’s not an easy thing to do, in fact it’s quite challenging, but nothing worth having comes easy”.

JR reflects on his music career thus far, sharing “I don’t want to be limited to a genre. I make music that makes a big impact in different spheres, whether it be Afrikaans rock, hip hop, Kwaito, or Afrosoul – I work with so many different artists. In a country as diverse as it is and with 11 official languages, we need to be able to diversify”. At the heart of all his music is a common thread: JR’s beats are truly South African, reflecting on the heritages and souls of South Africans.

“I think celebrating more than ten years in the industry is quite an achievement for me”, JR shares. “I’ve realised that hip hop is a young man’s game. So, to still be making music and contributing to the industry at the age that I am is quite remarkable. 12 years is quite solid innings”.

To celebrate, the couple share a classic KZN dinner of Bunny Chows and cheers to the future with some kicking margaritas. JR and Tshepi’s ability to mould their careers around our ever-changing world reminds us that agility is key to achieving our dreams.