Durban food truck Chef Nardia Adams takes her cooking wherever the appetite is.

Most exotic hubs of outdoor living are lodges, resorts or restaurants which one needs to travel to. Having cooked in such retreats from The Magaliesburg to the U.S, Nardia Adams has decided to instead – bring destination dining to you.

We met the chef-patron behind the 7-year-old Fudart brand on the streets of uMhlanga, at The Secret Garden.

Nardia Adams, Chef at Fudart STReatery

“My food truck is actually a Bedford bus. It originates from Mexico, was born in 1968 and was  brought to South Africa during the world cup. Thereafter they had no use for it, so essentially someone else’s junk is now my treasure,” shares the foodie. 

Once customising with a temperature-controlled stainless-steel kitchen, Nardia commissioned graffiti artist Shaun Oakley aka Damn Vandal to inject it with personality and paint it as artfully as she does a plate.

During our visit, Fudart STReatery was serving up Buns & Bowls with an Asian-fusion twist. Think chilli chicken bao bun with candied peanuts, sesame, coriander and other hidden treasures. A fusion falafel with a bit of Durban in the tikka mayo, and a Chipotle Mexican nacho cup with lentils, mayo and guacamole. 

This food truck caters to a variety of key events with menus that suit from lively concerts to fine dining occasions. 

“The idea behind the food truck stems from when catering events, you generally find that the kitchens are very small, lack equipment and lack thought so you can’t always put yourself on the plate. Building my own kitchen in my own space, with the ability to be mobile and go anywhere, allows me to bring the food that I would like to my clients. The name of the truck, Fudart STReatery, enables me to do just that and literally bring the food to the streets,” says Nardia. Who works closely with suppliers and decor stylists like Natasha Sutherland to transform their space for custom events – in a way that complements the occasion. 

“A good team is important because an event is not just one person. I’m definitely not the star of the show – my team is, my suppliers are, and to be honest I wouldn’t be able to do this without them.”

She has cooked for the U.S. President, at famed hotels in London but together with her team, Chef Adams would far rather be serving the people, in her hometown of Durban, in the glorious outdoors. Book Fudart for your next special occasion or do yourself a favour and pop around at the food truck the next time you’re in the area.