Catch up with Rugby World Cup champion and his wife, Steven and Aimee Kitshoff, as they getaway to a luxury Bantry Bay villa overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The Insider SA catches up with Springbok Loosehead Prop and World Cup champion, Steven Kitshoff, along with his wife, Aimee Kitshoff, To find out more about life after the World Cup, Steven and Aimee visit a luxurious villa high upon Lion’s Head mountain, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Bantry Bay.

Named the “Villa Lioness”, the property was carefully curated by the Roxstar Luxury Group, headed by founder and CEO, Roxy Robinson. Roxy is a four times Woman of the Year finalist who, through her unique and elite network of contacts, creates exclusive luxury lifestyle experiences.

Roxy explains, “There is nothing short of luxury in this place.” The Villa Lioness can host 10 guests with five en-suite bedrooms split over four levels and offers incredible views over the ocean. “This is a entertainer’s dream”, describes Roxy, “Completely open plan, 360° views, an infinity pool, a magnificent lounge, and – my favourite part – the impressive bar area. This villa is perfect for the ultimate romantic getaway.”

To enjoy this villa and get the real Roxstar VIP treatment is Steven and Aimee Kitshoff. The couple tied the knot two years ago on an estate just outside Paarl, reminiscent of Bordeaux, France where they lived during Steven’s stint in the French Top 14.

On top of being husband and wife, Steven and Aimee are also best friends. Steven says their secret to marriage is having fun together and choosing to never sweat the small stuff. He shares, “Married life has been amazing. We’ve had some real highlights these last two years – including the World Cup Championship.” Aimee adds, “It’s been amazing, especially this last year having Steven home for so long.”

Being in lockdown was a massive shift compared to Steven being away for five to six months of the year. In 2019, Steven was a part of the South African team that took home the title as Rugby World Cup Champions. “Playing in the World Cup Final was such an incredible experience”, he shares. “Being away from home was tough on the relationship, but it was so worth it in the end to make everyone in South Africa proud.”

Aimee is a PR and Events Director, but one of her true passions is fitness. Even though Steven is a Springbok, it was Aimee that introduced him to boxing. Knowing that a couple who trains together, stays together, the Kitshoffs are firm believers that exercise allows you to enjoy a more adventurous life, making you a happier person.

Aimee and Steven’s boxing coach, Matthew Leisching, owner of Madfit MMA Cape Town explains, “Boxing has got massive health benefits. It helps you with your confidence, your cardio vascular system, your strength, and it’s a mood stabiliser. In essence, it’s a form of therapy and not many people how life-changing it can be.”

The last year has been a dramatic shift from the couple’s usual fast paced lifestyle. Enjoying lunch and drinks from their private terrace, the Kitshoffs are able to take in the beauty of their surroundings and reflect on their past year.

Steven comments, “Covid-19 made it a tough year for everyone but it’s all about being patient. If you think of rugby, it’s actually a game of patience at the end of the day. The team with the most patience and discipline is going to win the game.” Aimee adds, “We live such busy lives that this year definitely taught us to sit down, look around, and be grateful for what we do have”.

The goal for Steven is to continue playing many more years of rugby. As a couple, they try to constantly make time for one another, enjoy activities and adventures together, and keep the spark alive with spectacular getaways to places like Villa Lioness.

With so much to look forward to, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Steven and Aimee. Here’s hoping it won’t be long before we’re all cheering for our boys in green and gold again.