SA weightlifter, model and business owner Vuyani Mashego shares his approach to a balanced body, and why he chooses to bank with Capitec.

29-year-old, eligible bachelor and model Vuyani Mashego is an olympic weightlifter, fitness enthusiast and personal trainer who specialises in functional training. He ensures he remains in great shape physically and financially through all seasons and loves motivating others to do the same.

“I think the biggest thing for me to stay fit and what motivates me to continue in this industry is the relationships that I build with people and the relationships that I see people building with each other,” shares Vuyani Mashego.

It’s no surprise that he encourages us to push through and keep active during the tougher winter months.

With that in mind, Vuyani takes us through the correct form for a quick – yet effective – workout that requires only 30 minutes and a kettlebell or exercise weights to complete; the movements include single arm swings, kettlebell push presses, goblet squats, and kettlebell halos that targets everything from the upper body, to the core and the lower body.

“It takes you at least 3 months to see any substantial changes in the body. As it’s a hard time to train, I would say the first thing you need to do to help you keep active is to get an accountability partner or a trainer. That way you’ve got someone who’s going to keep you honest and make sure you get to the gym or workout every single day,” says the fitness instructor.

After a blitz workout, it’s time to fuel the body so we step out for lunch with the chiselled individual who promotes a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

“There’s a misconception that people who are personal trainers or people that are exercise professionals have to eat rabbit food all the time. I’m, however, of the philosophy that so long as the work that you’re doing outweighs whatever you’re putting in, you generally can eat whatever you want to eat. With that being said, we did say ‘summer bodies are made in winter’, so have that one or two nights when you’re having burgers and beers but just make sure that all-in-all you’re still getting the work in and eating moderately alright so that you can enjoy that weekend with the family, watching a bit of rugby or football and just having a good time.”

Over lunch, the proud Capitec client shares that he’s come to rely heavily on his banking app to understand his spending behaviour.

“What I love about Capitec is that it’s super user-friendly and that the app allows me to track my spending habits – how often I go to restaurants, how often I spend on takeout and how much I use on public transportation. Basically I know exactly where my money goes,” says Vuyani before explaining.

Through the track money feature, you can see how you spend and track your totals, add your own categories and compare what you spend on them from month to month. “Tracking my money is my favourite feature. Why? Because now I know what I can budget towards my health and fitness.”

“Don’t forget your fitness journey is a long one, so budgeting is vital. But most importantly, have fun doing it,” Vuyani concludes.

To start your own health and fitness journey, you stand a chance of winning an online or outdoor personal training session with Vuyani. To enter, simply reply to the competition post on our social media platforms, using #LiveBetter. The competition closes on Sunday 27 June and Ts&Cs can be found here: [insert link to Ts&Cs].