Capitec’s credit card facility gives clients up to 55 days interest free credit on any online transactions or card purchases to live more and do more.

Credit cards represent an important part of household, business and global activity. When used responsibly, they can be of huge benefit in an emergency or when making an important purchase that can improve your life, like revamping a home. 

We met Interior Designer Ferai Chinya who was completing the decor and design on an interior space of a home as he unpacked his vision for the space.

“The brief that we got from the client was to create a space that was separate from the main house. So we named it the man cave. It’s the entertainment area and patio away from the house, that needs to have all the conveniences that you’ve got in the main house, that was fun and brought the outside indoors,” explains Farai. 

Farai and his team worked their magic by playing with natural light, incorporating lots of greenery with hanging plants, selectively adding dark paneling to some of the walls and using different textures.

Revamps are inclined to not stay on budget, and if that’s the case there are options. We connected with Nandi Kok, Head of Existing Client Credit Strategy at Capitec to find out more about the credit facility available through the bank. 

“Capitec offers the lowest monthly fee on credit cards in the market. In addition to a low monthly fee, we offer very competitive, personalised interest rates with credit limits up to R250,000.”

Nandi explains that clients get up to 55 days interest free on any online transactions or card purchases, and one doesn’t pay any additional service fees when using your card to Tap to Pay, the banking app to Scan to Pay or making secure online purchases.

There is also the added value of gaining access to Capitec’s Live Better rewards program where you can earn cashback while spending at their benefit partners like Dischem and Baby City. 

Keen to find out more? Skip the queue and see how much you qualify for via Capitec’s website or banking app. Both platforms give you access to the Capitec credit estimate, upon completion of which, you see exactly what credit card limits you could qualify for and at which interest rate. 

So whether you are looking to cover an unexpected cost or want to invest in a home or renovate your space, Capitec has an offer for you.