For the adventure, spirit and spice of it – we explore the fun lovers’ guide to a couple’s getaway in The Seychelles.

If a slice of island life is the spice you’re after in the month of love, then in The Seychelles you can have your Valentine’s cake and eat it too. 

On The Water

While most beaches in the Seychelles are pure serenity, at the one they call ‘Beautiful Valley’, couples who enjoy a combination of adventure and romance are in for a treat.

Located on the Northern part of the island at Beau Vallon Beach, you’ll find Aquatic Water Sports which offers a variety of activities for couples to enjoy. This includes jet skiing, tubing and paragliding. 

If you and your beloved need a serious chat about something, don’t do it while paragliding, but if all is well, parasailing is pure romance for the adrenaline junkies. Heck, even if you’re not – it’s a fun adventure that is not too extreme. 

Rum Away

For those looking to keep their feet on solid ground, there’s inspiration in a local grandfather’s home-made rum which spawned a family’s side-hustle and now a famous brand, Takamaka Rum.

It’s history dates back two decades, when Bernard and his father, Robert, began their quest to produce “good” rum. Robert’s father, Grandpappy René Michel d’Offay, had sparked his grandchildren’s interest in rum making through his own endeavors making the local Creole speciality, Rum Arrangé. With limited access to conventional distillation parts, Bernard and his father used their own backyard swimming pool as an interim cooling tower for their makeshift condenser, went off to their local supermarket to buy yeast and refined sugar, and began experimenting.

Joined by Bernard’s older brother, Richard, and after more than a year of trials and errors, some remarkable rums were made which resulted in them opening Trois Frères Distillery in February 2002. Soon after Takamaka rum was born.

La Plaine St. André is, however, more than a distillery! It is a heritage site that has also become their very own museum. And what is more romantic than exploring the magnificent site before treating your significant other to a delightful drink or two. 

The glass is always half full to the optimistic Seychellois and the unseen half of their islands’ beauty is what lies beneath the water line.

Ocean Exploration

Seize the opportunity to explore the seabed and its hidden treasures at destinations like  Ave Maria and Whale Rock where you get a front-row seat with Octopus Divers snorkeling centre. 

With the freedom of The Ocean, it’s just you and your beloved by your side. Don’t give it a second thought… book yourself an unforgettable experience and visit The Seychelles.

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