Through a partnership with Imagemakers Corporate Wear, Capitec Bank’s employee uniforms offer a coherent identity while empowering each employee to highlight their style.

Usually, fashion and work don’t go hand-in-hand – but when considering a uniform design for its talented workforce, a carefully considered approach empowered Capitec to deliver stately corporate wear that enhances the profile of its employees and highlight’s the brand’s signature identity.

Speaking on how the brand carefully curated its new uniform, Sbusiso Kumalo, Head of Brand Marketing at Capitec, offered that “It was quite important for us to ensure that we create a uniform that is fashionable. We are a brand that is employing people of all ages – and we want people to feel comfortable and to love the uniform that they’re wearing, as that’s your brand – that’s your pride. 

Sbusiso adds that for each employee, the power of choice enables them to determine how they best can serve their style – and each item in a broader catalogue works in concert to deliver a recognisable brand while highlighting an individual’s personality.

“When you join Capitec bank, we have a catalogue that you can choose your uniform from – and then you can take a uniform that’s according to your preference.”, says Sbusiso. “(for example), Not everybody wants to wear a skirt; not everybody wants to wear a full dress; when you are together you look uniform – but individually, we cater to your preference.”

To produce their uniform, Capitec sought out a local partner that could deliver on its needs and simultaneously invigorate both  their uniform catalogue and the economy – and in Imagemakers Corporate Wear, the brand found its ideal partner.

Imagemakers Corporate Wear is a family-run business located in Cape Town’s textile hub, Woodstock, and crafted Capitec’s new uniform catalogue with a variety of options, styles, and body types in mind.

“When we sat down and started with the brief… we narrowed it down to what we thought would work for the different body shapes; we then went to work on implementing the sizing and the fits, to make sure that the garment worked for everyone”, says Imagemakers CEO Anton Spaun. 

On the partnership, Sbusiso adds that “I think it should be the responsibility of every South African company to ensure that we support the local economy; so for us, we have an opportunity to make a difference in the textiles industry… we are making sure that we are creating jobs and creating value in our local economy… and we’re proud that we found a supplier that manufacturers locally, that sources locally, and (together) we can continue to keep our economy growing.”

Each garment passes through the hands of multiple artisans before reaching its eventual owner. For local craftspersons, this means the opportunity to see their work modelled by a brand known for its powerful identity, style, and values. 

As Gail Smith, a Fabric Cutter at Imagemakers remarks, “you’ll always see Capitec all over, and I always tell my daughter – look, that is my work! I’ve cut all that!”

For employees, Capitec’s  uniforms offer the chance to dress for success and highlight their style – while customers can remain assured that they continue to bank with the brand that pays carefully considered attention to even the smallest details.


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