We meet the team behind Legacy Collection, a jewellery collection that is representing the triumph of hope over history.

Legacy Collection isn’t just a jewellery collection. What makes the brand unique is that every individual piece of the jewellery has been made from the Robben Island fence.

The Robben Island fencing journey began in 2009 when artist, Chris Swift, saw that they were renovating Robben Island. 

In renovating the island, Chris saw that they were replacing the fence as it was too rusted for use. 

Being an upcycling artist, Chris rescued the original fencing from being placed in a landfill as he felt that it was a great way to keep the legacy of Nelson Mandela alive. 

Once a symbol of oppression, the fence is now seen as a symbol of hope, forgiveness and freedom. 

“My jewellery is very much named in honour of our road to democracy as South Africans,” explains Charmaine Taylor, Founder of Legacy Collection.

All pieces from Legacy Collection are handmade and locally produced in Cape Town and are named in honour of South Africa’s road to democracy.

The brand is committed to the continuous investment in the country’s development and does so by empowering individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds by creating pieces of art that tell the beautiful story of triumph for generations to come. 

Charmaine’s latest commission is a chandelier called Redemption, and includes pieces of the Robben Island fence.

Legacy Collection has been exhibited across the globe with its most notable exhibition being at the Nobel Peace Center in Norway.

Building memory into our future is a way to keep moving forward without forgetting our past and that is exactly what Legacy Collection is doing.


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