Discover how this Cape Town based creative has managed to turn his passion for origami into a successful career.

Ross Symons is an origami artist and Instagrammer who was able to quit his 9 to 5 as a web developer and turn his hobby for origami into a full-time job. 

Modern trends in the Japanese art of paper folding have transformed it into a legitimate art form that has afforded Ross a sense of freedom that comes with pursuing one’s passion.

While Ross has been developing his skills over the last 20 years, things started to really take off when he decided to dedicate the year of 2014 to improving his craft and sharing it with the world.

Creative, daily posts saw him grow his Instagram account to over 100 000 followers in less than 18 months. His strong appetite for his art has also helped open doors that have grown his business called White on Rice

The term Origami has evolved to describe the practice of transforming a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture throughout the world,  through folding and sculpting techniques. Ross advocates for the art.

The applications learnt from origami have gone on to be applied in various fields from medicine to space travel. 

We love how Ross has found artistic ways of incorporating his designs into various creative mediums, and hope that his passion for following his dreams can inspire you to pursue a hobby that could bring you happiness and even success.