We get fit with DJ and entrepreneur DJ Zinhle as she launches her newest venture and activewear range that aims to make women feel empowered.

Born Ntombezinhle Jiyani, DJ Zinhle has established herself as one of the countries most sought after Dj’s and producers. As a creative and mom of one, Dj Zinhle is continually exploring new ventures and expanding her growing empire, first with Era by DJ Zinhle, and now an activewear range “This Girl Can”.

The Insider SA stopped by the campaign shoot for the range where Dj Zinhle shared more about the collection. The range prides itself on making women feel comfortable and chic while working out, and was inspired by her own journey with fitness and wellness.

“I think this is just the right position for me to be in as a businesswoman and also we’re just bringing fun into the activewear range, bringing beautiful and cool designs,” shares DJ Zinhle.

“I wanted to create a range that makes you feel empowered, the name ‘This Girl Can’ says everything, and over and above that we’re trying to create a brand that would be a lifestyle brand.”

Michael Kater from Jireh Wellness, DJ Zinhle’s business partner, has had an active input into the fabrication and execution of the range.

“The versatility of the range is from a beginner all the way to and expert in the gym. The fabric is a blend between a polyester, a nylon and a spandex which gives you a lot of range of motion when doing intense exercises. The stitching and the material also has a netting fabric which helps it not ride when doing those vigorous exercises,” explains Michael.

The range is modern, chic and designed for comfort, something DJ Zinhle is incredibly proud of.

““I’m very proud of this range, and putting on this clothes is an inspiration for me to get up and work out every morning,” shares the DJ.

“Girls know this, when you feel good you’re able to take over the world and that’s how I feel in these clothes and I just want to share this feeling with everyone.”

The aim of the range was to encourage comfortability in all women in fitness spaces, a feat that DJ Zinhle felt needed to be tackled.

“I have a whole team of women that work with me, that is the driving force behind everything I do. They are my heroes. They wake up to do the work with me, they believe in my vision,” reflects Dj Zinhle.

We asked Michael to share more about his business with DJ Zinhle, the legacy they intend to leave and what valuable pieces of advice they have to offer.

How does ‘living better’ influence your design process / how does your work inspire living better?

I believe living better doesn’t only incorporate the way one treats themselves, but those around them as well. I think of others in mind and how they will feel wearing our activewear, because if you look good you feel good. 

What legacy would you like to leave behind through your design / work / business? 

I would want to be known for helping people, no matter how small. If I can leave behind a legacy where I was known for touching people’s lives, that would make me happy. 

What are the most valuable lessons / pieces of advice you could share with South Africa?

Time is so valuable, make sure you don’t wait or make excuses to start “in the future” start today!