Get to know Nick Hamman, the voice behind The Insider SA, and allow him to show you his home, his family, and his team as he introduces you to the 5FM Afternoon Drive crew: 5Drive.

In his home-based studio in Johannesburg, Nick shares the story of how he found himself drifting from investment management to radio, saying, “When I was in school, I was always the creative kid. I always used my voice and my talents to get a message out there to the world. Then a year after school I found myself studying investment management at Stellenbosch University and suddenly all my passions in life were gone. I felt a bit lost I think.”

That was until Nick saw an advert for a campus radio station called MFM. Here, he learnt the tricks of the trade and fell in love with radio and broadcasting.

Today, Nick is a radio presenter on 5FM’s afternoon show, 5Drive, host of his own podcast, Nick Goes Inside, and the voice behind The Insider SA.

As an integral part of the production behind our weekly favourite on SABC3, Nick shares his experience working behind the scenes. “The Insider SA has been incredible. I’ve always thought to myself that there’s not a lot of other shows that are as professional or dig as deep as the Insider SA does. It’s not stories about what people have but rather how people got it. I’m pretty stoked to be a part of telling those stories every week.”

Nick shares his home with his partner, Sarah Hartley and their adopted puppy, Willow. Sarah is a registered nurse and has been working on the frontlines during the Covid-19 pandemic. Just like Nick, Sarah has her own studio space in their home to retreat to after her long hours in the hospital. Here, Sarah can escape into her art, saying, “It gives me energy to get back out there and help people.”

As a long-time vegetarian, Sarah has helped Nick transform the way he lives and eats. “I think that in terms of conscious living, reducing your meat intake is a good thing for you and it’s a good thing for the environment,” explains Nick. The two are now planting a vegetable garden so that they can start growing and consuming their own produce right from home

At the REEA Foundation at Delta Park, Nick introduces us to his 5FM 5Drive team: Sports Presenter, Jude van Wyk; News Presenter, Nadia Romanos; Traffic Presenter, Bibi Mbangula; and their Producer, Mad Money Mike. For Nick, it’s important to involve yourself in the community surrounding you, so him and the team makes a trip to find sustainable initiatives right on his doorstep.

General Manager of the REEA Foundation, Alex Sheffield explains, “The REEA Foundation was established in 1935 for adults suffering with epilepsy. We currently house 39 beneficiaries and we runs on a 24 hour basis with medical staff and nursing staff.” Here, the team also meet Lyndon Joseph, Owner of The Mushroom Man, who specialises in growing sustainable mushrooms – a great plant-based alternative to meat. At the Delta Café, the team enjoy a juicy Southern-Fried Mushroom Burger as they prepare for their afternoon show on 5FM.

Jude shares, “A lot of people don’t know how much there is to do in South Africa. With the medium and platform that we have, we’re able let people know how beautiful South Africa is.” Nadia adds, “I love our team, I feel like we are very like-minded people. It’s been so much fun.” For Bibi, it’s simply a privilege to work with the team, saying, “I’ve looked up to them for years before I actually came onto radio. To finally work with people I looked up to is such a dream.”

While the 5Drive team cheers with a crisp glass of Gerakaris Family Wines, we toast to this incredible member of our Insider SA family. Here’s to you, Nick.