Meet proud Capitec client Michelle Sky Hayward, a fearless young woman who spends every minute she can flying. 

Capitec client and professional kiteboarder Michelle Sky Hayward has never been afraid to follow her own course, carve her own wave or boldly create the unique career and lifestyle of her choosing. It is an attitude that helps propel her to great heights in both her sport and business ventures.

“I was living in a small town in the Eastern Cape, had been a gymnast my whole childhood and was doing a little bit of surfing, but I was really looking for a new sport to do. My dad and I saw people kitesurfing there, and we instantly knew that we just had to do it. It took us a while to really get into it, but once we started, I just knew this was going to be my career one day,” says Michelle.

Her competitive nature has seen her participating in many competitions and crowned a SA kitesurfing champion, but she knew all too well that more would be required to make a sustainable career out of her passion. Along with the sport, and brand collaborations, Michelle has branched out to start ‘I choose South Africa’. 

“We make products for kids and pets, like kids clothing, baby bibs and dog leads. A lot of our material is made in South Africa and we are so fortunate to have a factory in the Eastern Cape that supplies us with genuine Shweshwe fabric,” shares a proud Michelle. 

Being positive, proactive and choosing the right partners, like Capitec, has given Michelle the reassurance to grow in this new direction of business.

“For me as a business owner, what has been amazing about Capitec is their service. They never miss a beat when it comes to transactions – it’s quick, efficient and secure,” shares the boss lady.

She adds, “They are forward-thinking, and I really do feel like Capitec’s just trying to make life simpler. They suit my unique lifestyle, because they are a unique bank.”  

Speaking of unique, one of Michelle’s latest product lines is a snuffle mat, which she makes herself and is perfect for dogs, cats, bunnies and any small pets. It, along with her other range of products, is available through Locally Yours and from Creative Cube CT at Tablebay Mall. We encourage you to take a squizz, and where you can, continue to support local.