Woodworker and Furniture Designer, David Krynauw, and his Art Director fiancé, Jasmyn Pretorius, plan their dream wedding using their combined talents and skills.

Born in the forestry town of Piet Retief, David Krynauw’s love for design and woodwork was inherited from his father, Dawie, who owned the Town Hotel and insisted on making his own furniture instead of buying it. David started by simply helping his father in the workshop, learning the tools of the trade from a young age. Today, David is highly sought after and acclaimed designer.

David explains, “My interest gradually grew and I started making very basic furniture pieces. My first product turned into my first commercial opportunity, and then the business was born.”

With a business ethos of “ontwerp, bou, boer” (design, build, farm), David and his team creates world-renowned furniture pieces and architectural structures. David has developed a design language he calls, “The Joburg Method”, joining parts together in an effective and efficient way.

David’s latest project involved creating a multi-functional office pod that is both eco-conscious and aesthetically pleasing. “It’s made from 100% locally grown timber,” describes David. “It’s completely flat-packable and, believe it or not, I can fit 25 units of these in one container, so it’s extremely compact in its assembly and very versatile.”

Because of this, the pod can be easily put up, taken down, and moved again – “It’s not permanent,” explains David. “It’s very suitable for outdoor use, it will weather very well, and this timber will get character as it goes along.”

Ultimately, David shares that the design is only 10% of the project. The rest relies on the team that makes it. “It’s more the journey than anything else,” David says.

David recently got engaged to Art Director, Jasmyn Pretorius. The couple initially connected over Facebook and bonded over the mutual love for art and creativity. Now, their wedding is set for March 20th and David and Jasmyn are navigating wedding planning during a pandemic.

The wedding is set to take place on Jasmyn’s family farm in Hartbeespoort named Kleine Rijke meaning “Little Riches” in Dutch. The Cape Dutch style home on the Pretorius family farm was transformed by both David and Jasmyn to become a unique events venue.

Jasmyn explains, “There’s quite a lot of sentiment for me because of my Afrikaans heritage and because of what this place stands for.”

As his first major architectural project, David took the dilapidated storeroom, knocked it down, and built it from scratch in three months. He honoured the Cape Dutch heritage by installing the familiar arches, roof, and gables. Inside, David explains, “When you look at the design of the building, everything plays on each other.” He admits, “I built this place with our wedding in mind.”

To reconnect and discuss their wedding arrangements, sought-after wedding planner and event designer, Precious “The Planner” Thamaga-Mazibuko, set up special picnic celebration for David and Jasmyn. She explains, “The setup for today is inspired by bohemian luxury. It has very natural elements with a bit of glam details. I kept it very simple, because simple is always classy.”

Over their picnic, David and Jasmyn reflect on their relationship thus far. Jasmyn shares, “I love that David’s so creative. No problem is too big to solve. He is passionate, very ambitious, and he’s got a wonderful heart.”

The couple have embraced the challenges and restrictions that have come their way. David explains, “The closer we get to the big day, the more we realise it’s not about the people and the glamour – it’s about our covenant with God. I’m sure whatever happens, it will be a beautiful day and we’re really looking forward to it!”