Capitec’s Live Better benefits empower South Africans to travel in luxury aboard Greyhound’s Dreamliner buses with an impressive 15% discount.

For South Africans, the chance to explore our beautiful country is something many yearn for and often, the chance to travel is out of reach for most. However, Capitec clients can travel in luxury thanks to an innovative partnership with Greyhound as part of the bank’s Live Better benefits.

With its partnership with Greyhound, Capitec gives its clients access to travel further than ever before with an established brand. 

“Greyhound has been operating in South Africa for over 35 years”, says Jasen Smallbone, Chief Operating Officer at Unitrans Passenger. “The significance of Greyhound is that we bring luxury travel to those who don’t want to fly and prefer to travel by road throughout South Africa.”

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The Dreamliner lives up to its name as the ultimate travel experience, and comes with twelve business-class premium seats downstairs with extra leg space, reclining seats, USB charging ports – encouraging guests to relax on their journey.

“In 2017, Greyhound partnered with Capitec, giving its clients the opportunity to explore South Africa at a discounted rate. Whether it’s making new memories, achieving new dreams, or reaching new goals, the benefit will help clients on their journey to live better”, says Keith Lennox , Capitec’s Divisional Executive of Business Solution.

“The reason for choosing Capitec is that we were looking for a world-class brand to associate our services with”, explains Jasen, “and Capitec absolutely meets that requirement.”

“Capitec clients enjoy a 15% discount when booking to travel with Greyhound or Citiliner. During our association, clients have saved over 25 million Rand when travelling throughout South Africa,” Jasen adds. 

Simply use your Capitec debit or credit card to buy a Greyhound or Citiliner bus ticket online, or through the call centre or at a Greyhound or Citiliner kiosk, and immediately get a 15% discount.

Find out more about this great deal here.

While South Africa’s national lockdown has affected travel, Greyhound has adapted its fleet and travel protocols to give guests a comfortable journey, while being mindful of their health and safety.

“Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve implemented safety protocols to protect our passengers. Our coaches are cleaned and sanitised prior to leaving the depot, and we encourage all our passengers to wear masks during their journey – all our staff wear masks”, explains Jasen. “We also follow the protocols outlined by the government in that our vehicles are only filled to 70% capacity.”

For guests and drivers alike, the opportunity to explore South Africa aboard the Dreamliner remains unparalleled. “I’ve been working for the company for 8 years”, says driver Tumelo Makutsoane, “and in those 8 years I’ve travelled to so many beautiful places in our country”.

Celebrities also agree – and on a recent tour to scenic Bloemfontein, Mr World South Africa, Dr Fezile Mhkize quipped that the Dreamliner is the way to see the country – noting that he might “give up flying altogether!”

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