A-list celebrity and media personality, Khanyi Mbau and her daughter spend quality time together on a luxurious getaway weekend to Limpopo’s exquisite Palala Boutique Game Lodge & Spa.

Heading out to Limpopo, The Insider SA joins Khanyi Mbau and her family, on a much needed getaway – the perfect opportunity for her to catch a rare break and let us in on what she’s been up to.

Khanyi has become a household name. The actress and TV host rose to fame as Doobsie in the SABC2 soap opera Muvhango. Today she plays Lady K on Uzalo, a role Khanyi has had the most fun in portraying.

However, as an actress and performer, Khanyi is always on the go and hard at work. Just like everyone else, a much-needed moment of pause is essential to recharge some worn batteries. “Vacations are like medication – everyone needs it once in a while”, Khanyi shares. “Rest is so important for the mind, body and soul, and also, our mental health depends on it”.

Khanyi takes some time out of her busy schedule to reconnect and relax with her 13-year-old daughter Khanukani Mbau, (or ‘Khanz’ as she’s affectionately called) and her niece, Katleho for some quality family time together at Palala Boutique Game Lodge and Spa.

“What I’m looking forward to most here at the lodge is spending time with my daughter. After the death of my father, it’s just been family, family, family. I’d really love to just have a conversation with her and my niece to find out how they’re doing”, shares Khanyi.

Owner of the lodge, Maria du Plessis, talks us through the design of Palala, explaining “I wanted to move away completely from the traditional thatch-rooved lodges that you find all over South Africa. So you’ll see this lodge has a contemporary, yet a traditional feel. It’s warm, it’s welcoming, and guests can simply enjoy the bush. If you’re lucky, you might meet Henry, our resident hippo, who loves to come out and show off to our guests!”

The lodge’s property is surrounded by 14km of river-front so guests will find a vibrant bird life to observe and can enjoy unforgettable experiences like game drives, guided walks, bicycle trails, picnics, and of course, enjoy Palala’s award-winning Sediko Bush Spa.

Khanyi shares, “I’ve heard so much about this spa. It’s one thing that everyone needs on their Bucket List”. The spa offers hydrotherapy spoils, such as floatation pools, sensation showers, outdoor natural stone baths, saunas and steam rooms.

Sediko Bush Spa’s latest treatment was inspired by none other than Cleopatra. Legend has it that she bathed daily in milk and honey. As a queen herself, it’s only fitting that Khanyi was the first person to experience the treatment at the spa. Khanyi also got spoilt with the centuries old Moroccan cleansing ritual of Hammam – a treatment that is only available at Palala’s spa in the whole of South Africa.

“Taking care of the body is so important” Khanyi shares. “If this body carries you, it’s something you need to look after. If you can paint your house, change your furniture and make it look amazing, think about your body the same way”.

Khanz Mbau has enjoyed a childhood shielded from the limelight. Now a thriving teenager, Khanz shares with the Insider the intricacies of her special relationship with her mom.

“Our relationship is very weird”, she laughs. “It’s sometimes rocky, sometimes smooth, sometimes funny, sometimes lumpy – it’s everything at the same time”. Khanyi comments on how lucky she is to have Khanz, saying, “I’m blessed, you know. She’s very mature and sometimes, she’s the parent!”

Even with her demanding work schedule, Khanyi always makes time for her family – and her time at Palala Boutique Game Lodge & Spa has made it even more memorable. “My whole experience in the lodge was incredible. I loved the rangers, they have so much education when it comes to animals. Overall, the rooms, the stay and the service is incredible”, Khanyi shares. Khanz adds, “I really enjoyed it. I loved spending time with my cousin and my mom. It’s just nice to catch up”.

As for what’s next for Khanyi? “I never know what’s next – but I’m currently busy with reality. We’ll see what the future holds and where it takes me”, answers Khanyi. One thing is for sure, mom and daughter will be side by side the entire way.