International performer and Capitec client, Jarryd Nurden, is keeping his dream alive despite being in one of the industries hardest hit by the global pandemic. Find out more about his journey to success.

We visit Capitec client Jarryd Nurden, a multi talented performer in award-winning stage productions, who shares his experience of life during lockdown.

“Some of my favourite productions that I’ve done include Cats (the Musical), Singing in the Rain, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, the Chicago World Tour, and of course The Rocky Horror World Tour – which I did just before COVID-19 hit,” shares the performer.

With theatres still closed, Jarryd has had to adapt and shift focus to keep busy and maintain both a healthy body and mind.

“The theatre industry world-wide has been affected substantially by the global pandemic, where we’ve been without work for almost two years. It’s been a frightening experience, but it has also forced us to reinvent and really look at ourselves and go, ‘How else can we be a contribution to the world? What other talents do we have?’” comments Jarryd.

One of the ways Jarryd has done that is by becoming a yoga instructor.

“I teach clients and students in person and online. I think the whole world has learnt that yes, we can do physical jobs in person, which is great, but that we can also take it online as well.”

He adds, “I think that’s what excites me about Capitec – how efficient they are online. The whole experience is just seamless.”

Adaptability and accessibility has never been more important and with the bank’s remote onboarding service, anyone can join the Capitec family in a few simple steps from anywhere.

“I decided to move to Capitec because it’s super simple and I can do everything online so I don’t have to go into the branch and stand in queues, especially now during COVID-19 times,” comments the proud new Capitec client.

Jarryd demonstrates the simplicity of the short 8-step process which requires only a smartphone, SA ID or passport, email address and cellphone number.

With the banking side of his business taken care of, he’s freed up to focus on building his yoga practice and sharing the art of zen with students from SA and the UK through online classes. In addition to yoga, Jarryd also loves to spend time training horses and show jumping.

Not only is this time going a long way in helping Jarryd’s overall mental and physical health, but it helps keep him intentional about his goals as he continues to reinvent himself.

As we continue to navigate the challenges of current climates, Jarryd’s story reminds us how important it is to be adaptable and to choose options in our lives that make every day a little bit easier on our quest to self actualisation.