A group of women reimagined their power through all five senses with the help of Asanda Sizani, Kesh Parker, Angelique Fredericks and Rizwana Butler.

Along with their famous intuition, an unofficial sixth sense, women readily and actively engage the world through all five senses. So, in celebration of this holistic approach, we joined in a day designed to highlight the advantages of a multi-sensory way of being.

The Capitec women’s month celebration had ‘Women Reimagined’ as the theme for the day that included a range of activities, a decadent spread and masterclasses with formidable women in finance and business.

Appreciating and complimenting creativity in everyday activities is a hallmark of how completely women take in their environment – and it makes Stacey Schilder’s job a treat.

“The sense that we aimed for was sight. For women to walk into a space and see and experience the beautiful chairs and decor as they enter a different world. What we went with on the tables are your earthy colours – your browns with woven mats, emerald green plates, a centre piece of greenery to match the plates. We added an emerald runner to fill up the table a little bit and gold chairs to add a modern aspect,” shares Stacey Schilder from Limitless Events who has a passion for what she does.  

As does Chef Maxine Schuiling whose menu for the day prompted a hundred questions on what went into the aromas, flavours, textures and finishes she’d created.

“I really wanted the core ingredients of each dish to shine so that the taste and smell of the specific ingredient can really be identified and enjoyed by the guests here today. You’ll see a lot of typical fresh vegetables that have been roasted. We have fresh bread that’s going to be baked while people are here, so they’re actually going to be taken along on the whole journey while enjoying the whole experience,” explains Maxine Schuiling, Chef and Founder of Sugarfree Sundays and Macro Mixes

With a menu that had every taste bud watering, the guests were then inspired to each paint a mural around the theme of the day where undiscovered talents revealed themselves in Art Facilitator Alan Nel’s class.

“This activity is the engagement of the sense of sight, and the tactile sense of pushing paint around and getting that feel of something flowing from a brush in your hand. If you’re just used to being on a keyboard all day, it’s a lovely tactile sense,” states Alan Nel from Cocktails & Canvas

“My artwork is going great. I’m feeling inspired, all my senses are tingling – the touch, smell of the paint – it’s all amazing,” shares Robynn Samuels, Internal Communications: Marketing at Capitec.  

DJ Kixi amplified the day by tapping into the sense of hearing with her deep house tunes that helped get the creative juices flowing.  

As did a series of masterclasses reimagining women in business, meeting financial goals, having a side hustle and generally being the X factor in society with speakers Rizwana Butler, Kesh Parker, Angelique Fredericks and Asanda Sizani

The pleasure didn’t stop there! Each lady received a carefully curated gift bag of treats compliments of Capitec and Takealot to take home and further spoil themselves.

“The experience today was amazing. I feel like I’ve been invited to be among the greatest in our industry. The masterclass itself was so inspiring. I’ve reignited the little girl within me that just wants to take all the opportunities that are available. All my senses – WOW! – have been fed and fulfilled,” adds Robyn.  


Reimagine women in your field or any field that you think would help all of South Africa to live better. Tell us how you see that making the difference, and stand a chance to win R1000. Simply reply to the competition post on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile with #CapitecSuperWomen and your response to enter. The competition ends 28 August 2022 and Ts&Cs apply.



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