Discover the benefits of the all new Vodacom RED plans with digital content creator Sarah Langa.

Renowned content creator Sarah Langa has made a career of being an influencer. She has  close to 600 000 followers on Instagram and close to 89 000 on Twitter. These are numbers that she keeps growing.

We spent the day with her ahead of Women’s Day to find out what resource she relies on to do her job effectively. 

“As a digital media content creator and social media influencer, my office is virtual, so I need to be connected at all times. Luckily as a Vodacom RED VIP client this is easy,” shares the dynamic brand influencer and master’s student.  

If you’re new to Vodacom RED, you have a variety of plans to choose from – providing you with the most affordable and widest range of contracts to choose from with minutes, data, benefits, and rewards. It also enables you to share data with Vodacom friends and family, and a whole lot more. This makes a world of difference for someone like Sarah, who manages her life on the go.

“Being able to share data with my family members, my friends and most importantly from my one Samsung device to my other quickly, makes life easier for me,” says the influencer in between chatting to us, sharing data with her niece and getting ready ahead of her photoshoot with her newest client, Radisson RED. They’ve enlisted Sarah’s help to create amazing content of their newest hotel in Rosebank. 

“We’re really excited to work with Sarah. The goal is to create a partnership which works for Sarah and that her followers enjoy the content. One where we curate experiences for both of our audiences,” shares Frances Litten, Marketing Communications Lead of Radisson RED.

When asked about her tips for creating good content, Sarah replies, “You need to treat yourself like a brand and be serious about your content – having a great team really helps with that. Coupled with that, thanks to my 100GB Vodacom RED plan, I’m able to unlock exclusive benefits such as a R100 voucher every month from Kauai, which helps when I need to grab something quick and easy after my shoots.”

Sarah invites us back to her home where we gain further insight into her life as a student, which relies heavily on data. 

“I’ve been an academic for the past ten years, and at Master’s level, you want to make sure that  you’re still able to work and do everything else that life demands you to do, while still being able to do your research and study on the go.” 

She adds, “I started my Master’s during the pandemic, and had to adapt to learning online and finding additional resources myself. Thanks to packages like the Vodacom RED VIP package, I was able to have almost anything on the internet and it really helps. In the past you’d really rely on lecturers, your textbooks and now the power lies in your hands.”

When asked about her plans to spoil herself for Women’s Day, she responds, “I have a very selfish approach to Women’s Day. As a woman, I try to spend Women’s Day alone, just kind of self-reflecting, practicing self-care and self-love. A few ways that I do that are by doing the things that I absolutely love – taking bubble baths, pampering myself, doing facials, my nails, all the things that I feel are a bit of a spoil.” 

In celebration of Women’s Month Vodacom are giving away culinary vouchers to the value of one thousand rand each, to nine special women. To stand a chance of winning, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages, and respond to the question on the competition post. 

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