Explore Luxurious Marataba with hip hop star, Nadia Nakai and her manager and long-time friend, Phindile Matroshe.

Situated in the Marakele National Park in Limpopo is a 23 thousand hectare, privately-managed section called Marataba Contractual National Park. It is here that you will find the private concession belonging to MORE Family Collection. This picturesque location, with its luxury safari and mountain lodge, is where The Insider SA joins hip hop star Nadia Nakai and her friend and manager, Phindile Matroshe, for a wilderness escape like no other.

Remotely located in the privacy of the Waterfall Valley, Marataba Safari Lodge provides the ultimate experience in seclusion. Built 10 years ago, Marataba is a beautiful luxury tented lodge with 16 units, of which four of them are family units. The wide angled vantage points allow you to look out onto the landscape where the Waterberg escarpment, merges into acacia savannah.

Marataba Host, Roknie Maitsapo, explains how the Mountain Lodge has considered the landscape, explaining, “We have 5 eco suites with simple designs using natural finishes. The exterior has been continuously designed with sodden roofs. This allows the building to disappear into the mountains when approaching the lodge.”

Marataba manager, Olivia Drummer, describes how the curated collection of décor elements punctuating the lodge have been carefully selected to harmonise with the surrounding landscape.

“The natural fabrics are all done with linen, leather, and cowhide – it is an extension of the natural environment. You’ll notice the Tonga doors which we use as benches, and our African grain stompers that we use as bedside tables,” remarks Olivia, adding that, in the luxury suites, “the main feature of the entire room is the beautiful bathtub.”

Nadia and Phindile began their escape from the hustle of the music industry atop the open-air, hillside Marataba Thabametsi Treehouse overlooking the Waterfall Valley. With a glass of champaign in hand, the treehouse eased Nadia and Phindile into the unwinding serenity of the African bushveld.

Nadia’s first major step into the music game came with the release of her single, Money Back, which was followed by her EP, Bragga. Nadia went to high school in Kenya and returned to South Africa to attend university. After completing her degree, she focused all her energy on music. Since then, Nadia has been working hard to gain traction in the music industry and is determined to challenge the status quo.

“I’m trying to stay away from the words ‘female rapper’, because I think a lot of the issues that I face, a lot of men face as well. It’s about not getting the recognition that you deserve, says Nadia.

“I feel like a lot of the time I have to work ten times harder than my male counterparts to get a clap or a pat on the back but, luckily for me, that’s not what I am doing it for,” adds Nadia. Her passion for music, love for rapping and strong friendship with Phindile drives her forward.

Nadia and Phindile met in 2013 whilst working for an advertising agency. Phindile, who works in PR and business management, reflects back on the time, sharing, “Our friendship and business relationship literally boomed purely because of the love of music that we both have.”

Even during the pandemic, Nadia continued smashing the music scene and connecting with her fan base. “The pandemic was a big knock for all artists, especially in the hip hop sector. We had to think about how we were really going to push our music further without being able to perform and be out in the streets meeting the fans,” explains Nadia.

The release of Nadia Naked: The Album Documentary, alongside the release of Nadia Naked deluxe album in 2020, allowed Nadia to connect with music lovers and fans throughout lockdown.

“One thing that the deluxe album did – which most artists struggle to do – was go gold,” says Phindile while cruising with Nadia on a luxury boat cruise. As they drift, picturesque river scenes pass as the sunset reflects in their sunglasses.

The tranquillity of the landscape and the seclusion of the bush and mountain encourage ultimate relaxation. Whilst at the Marataba Safari Lodge, Nadia experienced a full body, bespoke massage. Spa Therapist, Nicolette Ratshili explains that this will help Nadia release tension, promote blood circulation, and relax the body and the muscles.

As Nadia continues to break boundaries and shatter the ceilings of the entertainment industry, her music continues to flourish and entertain.