We chat about entertainment, parenthood and smart financial choices with Capitec client, musician, influencer and media personality Lindo Sithole. 

Capitec client Lindo “Lindough” Sithole first stepped into the spotlight with kwaito band the Teddy Bears. Not long after he made the move to go solo, and has since expanded into acting and TV presenting.

We met up with the singer, songwriter and content creator at his home in Randburg, where he gave us a taste of the brand new single that he’s working on with fellow muso 2 Short, titled Ithemba. It’s not long into the conversation before mention of his pride and joy Valdo Sithole

Lindo shares that he loves his work as an entertainer, but the most important role of all for him is that of being a dad to 7 year old Valdo. 

“Balancing work and life is a tough one, but I always make sure that I’m there when my son needs me because he’s my priority. So if there’s a booking and it’s during the week, I can’t take it unless it’s between 9AM and 12:30PM, because at 1PM I’m doing the school run,” shares the doting dad.

Both Lindo and Valdo have built a strong following on social media, and can often be found creating videos together. In fact, they’ve secured a number of partnerships off the back of one of their videos that went viral and had fans asking for more.  

Lindo has proudly been sharing pictures of Valdo on social media since he was a year old. He shares that the purpose behind it has always been to illustrate a positive father-and-son relationship story – something he feels many, including himself, were deprived of growing up. 

“It’s God’s plan for me to change the narrative for society, and it’s good to know that even men can take care of children,” says the presenter and influencer.

Helping Lindough take care of Valdo is his bank, Capitec, who offer real savings and cash back through the live better savings account and their benefit partners.

Kelly Goldsworthy, Head of Live Better at Capitec shares that “Capitec has always believed in enabling every single South African to save. What we’ve done recently is launch our Live Better programme and with that comes our Live Better Savings Account. It enables clients to save for themselves, as well as save through our partners.” 

Kelly Goldsworthy, Head of Live Better at Capitec

All Capitec clients need to do is download the Capitec Banking app, activate your Live Better savings account and get ready to move beyond banking with Live Better. Like putting your small change to work for you with Round-up, getting supercharged interest with Interest Sweep and of course, cash backs and immediate discounts to help your savings grow even more. 

One such partnership that secures Capitec clients cashback is with Dis-Chem Pharmacies and Baby City. 

Lynette Zalzman, Co-Founder and MD of Dis-Chem Pharmacy, says “I’m very excited about the partnership that we now have with Capitec Bank. It’s going to add extra value and give an extra 2% to our Capitec customers when paying with their Capitec debit or credit card. 

These benefits please Lindo who comments, “What I like about shopping at Dis-Chem is that things are clearly marked and the stuff that is available is quality. Being a Capitec client that shops at Dis-Chem has great benefits. You get a percentage back on your spend, which makes me happy.”

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