For a five star vacation destination, nothing beats The Dolphin Coast. Which is what the Dlamini family thought when they put in an offer on this Malaysian inspired house. To make it their holiday home, the family asked interior designer Schane Anderson to give it the elegant, understated treatment that reflects who they are.

“The brief was very simple and I think Schane did a very good job at it, we just wanted something neutral and calm, where we could come down and just relax at the end of the day, be as a family and enjoy this beautiful home,” explains Mini Dlamini. 

“This is a lovely family home and it’s well laid out, you come into a fantastic double volume entrance hall,” explains Schane, “this entertainment area, starting from your dining room through to the kitchen, out to your patio with alfresco dining and occasional seating.” 

Much of the luxury that went into these looks is locally made by the twenty five craftsmen who work for Schane.

“I love the fact that we can use solid oak as a top, it is warm, it’s inviting, it wears well, and then also staying with your light interior, this soft beautiful velvet with a light grey piping and the corduroy back just warms up the space beautifully,” she says.

Design technology is so good these days that Lorraine Sigauke could render the completed looks before the space was touched.

The design inspiration I had was the client who wanted something warm, classy and light, so I tried to also bring in some excitement into the kitchen by using different handle detailing, we have normal handles on the tall units,” she says.

“To play around with the different finishes and styles, we have the wooden finish on this unit,” explains Lorraine, “which brings in the warmth and we also have a nice, clean modern finish on the rest of the unit.”

The Dlaminis wanted the interiors to represent them as a successful business couple and to reflect the smart, sassy characters of their son and daughter. When they arrive here, the family wishes to feel instantly at home and immediately on holiday. One of the largest changes to the house was to the lounge.

“It was in a very acidic cream, very sharp colours that had a difference feel [with] an ornate, old wrought iron chandelier,” explains Schane, “we replaced it with this absolutely fabulous enigma, [it] is probably one of the most beautiful contemporary design lights that is available at the moment.” The next stop on our tour is the master bedroom. 

“My parents are very happy with this, right down from the colors to the textures, it is perfect,” exclaims Mini, “we love the personalized bedding that we all got in each room where it says our surname [on it], it gives that elegance tied in look for everything.”

Currently studying civil engineering at the University of Leeds, in the UK, this is the escape Mini looks forward to returning to.  With a BSc degree in Housing, Mini’s brother project manages the family construction business, so he needs a zen refuge too.

My brother wanted a room where he can relax and stay in a nice, homey environment where obviously, like your room we spend a lot of time in your room, so he just wanted a place where not only does it have his favorite colours, but also these textures are just warm and they allow for a place for you to just relax,” explains Mini.

When this busy family are having guests to stay and entertaining, it helps having a local gourmet like Candice Van Rensburg of Styled Graze by Candice just a phonecall away.

The Dlamini’s are so pleased with the outcome that the possibility of Mr. and Mrs. retiring here in the lap of luxury becomes more certain by the day.

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