Adéle Grosse has built up a business on the West Coast that echoes her philosophy to think, ink, share and action. We uncover where it all started. 

We had the pleasure of meeting Adéle Grosse, the St Helena Bay-based mom, author and owner of Studio Sealove. 

The mom-trepreneur shares that she has always been a water-baby but 2017 was the year that she decided to start exploring the underwater world with her lens. 

“It started when I began snorkeling at the time my son was diagnosed with leukemia and I had to get him in the water because it was the safest place to get him to do some exercise,” shares Adéle.

The Grosse family immersed themselves into the ocean as her son continued with chemo and recovery, of which the sea played its part. It is also what led to the new business opportunity.

Adéle reveals that she does her best thinking whilst exploring the wonders of the sea and the  moments underwater that she captures on video and stills, is what she then uses to create her prints and designs which she manages to do in a unique way all the while supporting local businesses like Whimsical Press – her printing studio. 

Tonight’s beautiful selection of Sea Love’s products were captured at Azure Villa, a luxurious beach side rental in Shelley Point that’s located on a Golf estate and has the most incredible views along that pristine strip of West Coast. 


What does ‘living better’ mean to you? / How are you aspiring to live better?

It is about making positive choices. Your mind, what you think, determines your actions. It starts with ME. Challenges are part of life and I need to make the distinct choice, when I experience light or darkness, to focus on the one that will determine positive actions from me and those around me. My actions have a ripple effect on the people and can therefore influence people positively or negatively. 

Looking at the ocean from land you might only see a dark ‘pool of water’ but once you dive in and allow yourself to look deeper, you find an abundance of colour and life. I aspire to live better when I experience darkness in a relationship or situation, to balance it out by finding the light when making a choice on what to do, to say or how to react.

What legacy would you like to leave behind?

Inspiring people to love and appreciate the ocean but to also ‘dive deep’ within themselves, reconnecting with the inner child. Finding your own bright colour and light that can shine and ripple to others.

What 2 valuable lessons / pieces of advice would you like to share with South Africa?

1. Live and action IN the moment. Stop to just think and then over think. Start to think, ink, share and ACTION. In all areas of your life. It starts with ME.

2. Focus on finding the light within. SEA love, live love and share love by making the positive splash bigger and bigger. It starts with ME.

Where do you go to escape and connect with yourself?

Going underwater in the ocean, my prayer room.

Do you have an encouraging quote for us, to end off on?

Advice from my ocean prayer room: Be shore of yourself. Come out of your shell. Expand your horizon. Don’t get tide down. Let worries drift away. Think BIG and live deep. Make the positive splash bigger & bigger. Wear love, share love, SEA love.

Are there any last comments / thoughts you’d like to add?

To  ensure that we cater for all, Studio SEA Love offers two collections, Sea Love CURRENT Collection and Sea Love CREST Collection. 

Experiencing the continuous movement and impact of currents in the ocean when free diving, I realised the importance of bringing that reality into my studio. Staying in the current and acknowledging the impact of challenges on the currency in our pockets, I decided to offer an option of this more affordable Studio SEA Love CURRENT collection. 

Every time I break through the surface of the water after a free dive and I reach the crest of a wave, I am on top of the world. I ride the crest of the wave. Studio Sea Love CREST Collection offers ethically sourced, bespoke, luxurious, superior, lavish, elegant and deluxe products in top quality linen & cotton. All products are limited editions as only one hundred per item is handmade.