Illustrator and brand strategist, Seth Shezi, has the courage to back his talents and reap the rewards.

Having life open up following lockdown has seen lifestyle and brand creative thinker, Seth Shezi, boldly spread his wings once more with his company called Obsidian Studios.

It started out as a hobby but Seth has evolved his design, photography and illustrating skills into a full time creative service and now works with brands to try and cultivate a narrative for their products that resonate with his demographic and audience.

The brand strategist, content creator and Best Dressed Man winner, is one of Samsung SA’s Friends of The Fold and Flip, and a very happy one at that.

“Flip you can’t be in this industry without being fascinated with technology and wanting to keep abreast of what’s new. So when I first saw the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, I was fascinated by it being so nifty and small, as well as the screen that folds but still remains flat,” shares Seth.

Samsung reimagined the smartphone with this one. It’s a full-sized device that folds to fit into small pockets and has a range of impressive features. One of which being the dual rear camera that enables you to preview your photos without having to unfold the screen, ensuring a great shot every time.

One of Seth’s favourite features is that he now doesn’t need his hands or tripod when having a video call or capturing a selfie.

“Now that I have it, I love it infinitely more because I never realised just how tiring it is to have video calls with your phone in your hand. It’s like having a mini laptop, I have my meetings, take my calls, and type with it perched up by itself,” shares the content creator.

He adds, “It’s a game changer! The folded device was a feature I didn’t even think I would want, before having it.”

As a GQ Best Dressed Man, Seth has had to get used to having a lot of photos taken of himself and does a lot of magazine shoots. We had the pleasure of accompanying him to one such shoot.

“The funny thing is that before I was named Best Dressed Man, I never actually cared about how I looked, I would just dress for myself. It’s different when you have the title because you know that people are looking at you and they have expectations, so it feels like you need to step it up a little bit. But you know what, I enjoy it, so I don’t mind.”

Today’s photo shoot is to profile the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G.

“I happen to be one of the ‘Friends of the Flip’. I loved the phone, and today I’ll be styling three different looks to basically showcase its style, versatility and all of the cool features.”

Having spent the day with the content creator, it’s clear that Seth is particularly blown away by the device’s sleek design and flex mode that that enables him to use the phone hands free, but there’s no doubt, he’s also pretty happy that it’s waterproof and has dual preview – making it the ultimate phone and accessory for him!

“The back camera actually gives you a preview. So while I’m taking a photo of you, you’re able to see yourself on the other side. I think that’s brilliant,” concludes Seth.

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