Uncover the diverse and human-first approach that inspires the success of SA’s leading digital bank.

During the month of September, many across the country pause to reflect and remember our rich history and the cultures that make us diverse. As a proudly South African company, Capitec is taking the opportunity this month to especially celebrate the different but equally beautiful heritages of its staff.

With that in mind, we visited the home of three staff members who own their heritage and proudly contribute to the diversity of SA’s leading digital bank.

Our journey began in Somerset West, at the home of Ayanda Dubazana. A Capitec Brand Manager from Durban who has already been living in the Western Cape for seven years but hasn’t forgotten her Zulu heritage.

Ayanda believes that food plays an integral role in celebrating her culture. She was excited to later culminate the day with her colleagues over her favourite traditional Zulu dishes which consists of uJeqe (steamed bread), samp and beans, tripe, and umfino (wild spinach).

When asked about why she values working at Capitec, she responds, “I love working at Capitec because I believe they embrace each culture and ethnicity. One of the biggest highlights for me of being part of the Zulu culture are our customs and values, such as solidarity and humility – we have a deep sense of respect, especially for our elders. And then of course, ‘Ubuntu’ as a philosophy that not only exists within the Zulu culture but across South Africa. That is what I’m most proud of.”

Our next stop off was in Atlantis, where we met Monigue Martin, a Card Issuing Dispute Agent at Capitec, who shares that she loves the diversity of her heritage.

“I enjoy being able to celebrate my heritage through food, whether it’s a braai with people coming together from all different backgrounds and cultures, having fish ‘n chips on a Friday or koesisters on a Sunday morning,” says Monigue.

She chooses to demonstrate her diversity and individuality through her hair. “I feel like hair is so diverse and part of your DNA. It identifies who you are so I express myself creatively through my hair and with different hairstyles, be it braids, faux locs or wearing my afro. I love the independence it gives me – I definitely got that from my mommy because I’m able to do all these things by myself, and I just love that,” she adds.

Capitec Service Consultant Nature Khumalo is just as proud of his Tsonga heritage.

“My heritage, to me, speaks to the foundation and framework of who I am. It is part of my identity. It speaks to the things that I believe in. There’s just something amazing about knowing who you are and where you come from. It gives you some sense of pride and confidence,” states Nature.

His ideal menu to celebrate his roots is morogo and masonja, otherwise known as mopane worms (which he likes to flavour with his unique touch of onions, tomatoes and garlic sauce).

Next, we meet Executive: Human Resources at Capitec and team champion who takes care of nearly 15,000 Capitec employees, Rizwana Butler.

“I consider myself proudly South African. I am also of Indian descent and I think the two come together really well. There’s no incredible place to be like in South Africa, where you have a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and languages all coming together,” says Rizwana.

Rizwana lives and breathes the human-centric philosophy of the brand.

“At Capitec, we really pride ourselves on making sure that our clients are at the forefront of everything that we do. To remain on the forefront, we aspire to be continuously agile, innovative and forward-thinking in our approach – and that means having people in our organisation that are truly representative of the clients that we serve,” she adds.

In true South African style, the colleagues culminated their day at their Head Quarters in Stellenbosch with a beautiful exchange of stories and flavours reflecting the multicultural palette of the team.

What better way to explore the different heritages within the team and celebrate the diversity of South Africa in respect of the cultures that make us all so unique.

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