Hear the personal story of Kauai founder’s quest to make healthy eating easy and accessible, and find out more about the new collaboration with Vodacom RED.

Kauai started out as a business between three friends and has since grown into a global franchise promoting healthy eating, and now, thanks to an exciting partnership with Vodacom – Vodacom RED VIPs can get access to benefits at their stores.

Kauai founder, Dean Kowarski.

We caught up with entrepreneur and founder Dean Kowarski to find out where it all started, how his personal health and sustainability goals have shaped those of the business, and just what these Vodacom benefits will include.

Dean Kowarski, CEO of Kauai & Real Foods shares, “Mine’s been a very personal journey, I’ve come from a traditional corporate finance business background, which was very hectic, fast paced and very unhealthy. This had a negative impact on my life in terms of my well-being, where I realised that I needed to make changes to my lifestyle in order to improve the quality of my life, the efficiency, and the ability to work at a high level.” 

Making some changes, adopting healthier eating practices and dropping a few bad habits had a profound impact on Dean’s life, to an extent that he was moved to share his learnings with others. 

“I felt a responsibility to share this message and was fortunate to be able to get into the health food space and found Kauai. Today, it’s hopefully changed many people’s lives in the same way that it changed mine,” comments Dean. 

John Berry, co-founder and head of product at Kauai, explains the ethos behind the brand. 

“Our heart and our passion has always been about making healthy food accessible. Too many people compromise their health because of convenience so we’ve got to make healthy food convenient but also never compromise on the taste and the experience,” says John. 

Vodacom and Kauai partnered up more than a year ago to make healthy eating more accessible to South Africans. 

They have an on-going promotion where Vodacom RED customers stand a chance to win Kauai smoothies or organic coffee through the Vodacom App. In August, they launched a benefit for Vodacom RED VIP customers to get a R100 voucher sent to them monthly. 

Co-Founder and Head of Product at Kauai, John Berry.

Kauai have taken convenience one step further, with the launch of their Smart Meals which is a meal plan subscription. Now providing access to healthy, chef quality meals made with locally sourced ingredients, delivered to your home – with choices between plant-based, low calorie, and high performance meals. 

Further to these offerings, there’s also an exciting partnership with Vodacom, where the Vodacom RED customers get a special offer on the Kauai Smart Meals.

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