Musician Brendan Peyper and his best pal Trompie welcome the Summer with a hit new single.

A day at Brendan Peyper’s crib in A wildlife estate made it clear how tracking and love would have come together in his latest single. ‘Op Jou Spoor’ uses hunting as a metaphor and sees his jack russel, Trompie, get a co-writing credit on the song. It shows off a vulnerable side to his artistry as he opens up about a love he is incredibly afraid to lose.

“Living on a farm in Pretoria is very practical for me as a person. I like being in the bush and I like being in the city because it’s time efficient while I still get to be outdoors, with animals and close to a dam with fish,” shares the muso. 

He’s bagged a SAMA, had countless girls and a few moms screaming for him as the lead in The Buddy Holly Story. But a place he’s even happier to be is in his bakkie, on a dirt road bound for the company of wild animals, his acoustic and always – his hound.

“I really like to come down to the lake and bring my guitar and notebook if I have inspiration to get on with some writing. It’s overall a great place to spend quality time out in the open with Trompie,” reveals Brendan. 

He’s had Trompie for four years and shares that he does everything with his four-legged friend who accompanies the singer to interviews and sometimes even performances. 

No surprise that a great way to end his day is around a fire with good mates, a quality steak and his guitar. 

It’s not exactly your classic twenty five year old rockstar lifestyle but it’s clear that Brendan thrives out in the bush, surrounded by wildlife and the natural environment.