Discover how J’Something cooks, jogs, gigs and jams through every second of the day with Vodacom RED.

If you’re a fan of J’Something, then you will know that he is always busy with something – from one week to the next, he could be launching a new cookbook or releasing a new album, chilling with Mrs Something or sporting a new endorsement –  and he takes it all in his stride.  

“I’m on a mission to create as many moments of happiness as possible throughout my day and I do that by taking control of my morning. I’ve established a really strong morning routine that includes running, meditation, breathing exercises and spending some time in the sun,” shares the muso. 

Mi Casa has just returned home from Dubai, where they had their first live gig in forever-ever, so we spent the day in J’s life to see firsthand how he does it all with so much ease.

First thing’s first, he starts the day with a run and then makes a point to stop off at his favourite coffee shop in Johannesburg, Loof Coffee

“Coffee, for me, is somewhat of a religion. Every time I’m out running, because Loof Coffee is so close to home, I just pop by to grab a little espresso or cortado with almond milk,” shares the foodie. 

Another thing that is important to J is communication – with friends, family and work. The easier he can do this, the better. This is why he is a Vodacom RED VIP customer, and has been one for some time. 

“I think the decision for me was down to all the benefits that come with being a Vodacom RED VIP client. Besides the fact that I get a whole lot of data – 100 gigs a month. It’s the ability to connect – with a community, my family and friends – that I value. It’s super crucial to be able to connect anytime and anywhere.”

Screen protection cover and having a wide selection of devices to choose from are some of the other benefits, he shares, before stepping out to one of his favourite places, the Beat Club studio. This is the home from which he offers mentorship to young artists entering the music industry, and is something he is deeply passionate about. 

“It’s a blessing working with J’Something, who’s one of the greatest musicians in South Africa. He’s taken us out of the hood and given us this amazing opportunity. It all started with music, but now my brother and I are growing as young coloured adults and learning about life,” shares Waven Sebia, Music Producer.

If J lives to bring people together and fill the world with joy, then music and food are how he does it.

Another space he spends a lot of time at is his good friend and chef, Dash’s house. 

“Dash and I work together to develop delicious recipes. All the things you guys see me post up on my website and social media, that’s Dash and I putting our minds together to see what’s trendy, see what’s happening and what’s delicious.”

Talented photographer and social media manager, Kgabo Legora, captures it all and ensures it’s rolled out effectively on J’s social channels. 

We wrap up the day at J’Something’s cooking studio, where he whipped us up a delicious beef roast, accompanied with a tasty yet simple mushroom sauce and blanched greens, while chatting us through his latest collaboration – the Vodacom RED Plate event. 

“As you can see, my day is filled with a whole lot of different things that come my way, but the goal is to create as many happy moments as possible. From that run, we took this morning up to the delicious plate of food we’re having right now… And that’s exactly what Vodacom RED VIP allows me to do. 

Interested in upping your culinary game? 20 Vodacom RED VIPs stand the chance to win a virtual cook-off (including ingredients from Ucook) and 10GB of data. 

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