We interviewed Goosain Allie, a participant in Capitec Bank’s Graduate Development Programme, to discuss how the bank is fostering young talent and driving change.

For recent graduates, finding a company that shares their vision and is committed to nurturing their potential can be a challenge. However, Goosain Allie discovered the perfect fit for his skills in Capitec Bank’s graduate development programme. We met Goosain at the Capitec Head Office in Stellenbosch, where he is part of a group of bold and ambitious graduates selected for their leadership qualities and their determination to make a difference.

Four months into the 18-month programme, Goosain shared his experience at Capitec and explained what drew him to this opportunity. He stated, “When transitioning from university to the professional world, you want the chance to grow and see the business as a whole, and that’s exactly what Capitec offers.”

Suzanne Liebenberg, the Head of Talent Management at the bank, along with her colleague Elegance Gozo, recognized the direct connection between the programme and Capitec’s clients. Liebenberg emphasized, “It is crucial for Capitec to invest in the youth, as they are the future leaders. We believe it is our fundamental responsibility to nurture, guide, and shape these young individuals and their careers. The graduate programme aims to help these individuals pursue their passions and establish successful careers at Capitec. Our ultimate goal is to see them become future leaders.”

The graduates join the bank after completing their university education, and through the programme, they receive training, education, and mentorship to enhance their skills as employees and bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical work. As a bank that prioritizes people, Capitec is dedicated to shaping the future of the banking industry by being client-centric, energetic, driven trailblazers who leverage cutting-edge technology. The graduate programme at Capitec welcomes young individuals who display ambition, creativity, and problem-solving skills, positioning them as game changers. Goosain’s cohort of graduates has formed a mentorship network, supporting one another throughout their journey. They recognize that in today’s modern workplace, graduates require versatile skills to thrive and make a positive impact in their communities.

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